5 Best Small Bathtubs for Your Small Bathroom

Best Small Bathtubs

What’s the best bathtub for your small bathroom? Small bathrooms are becoming more and more common due to smaller living spaces, minimalistic design, and the recent aging of our population who may be moving in with their children or grandchildren after retirement.

If you’re in the market for a new bathtub, and you want one that will fit into your small bathroom, you have several options to consider before making your final decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Bathtub

So you have decided to remodel your small bathroom, but you need to choose the right bathtub for your small space! Whether you are replacing an old tub or choosing between different sizes and styles of baths, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best bathtub for your small bathroom.

It’s hard to know what’s best for your bathroom. When you’re trying to figure out the right bathtub, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a small bathtub

Type of Tub

First, decide whether you want a freestanding tub or one that’s installed in a tiled area. A freestanding tub can be moved around more easily than an installed one, but it won’t always look as good in a small space. If you want to add some flair to your space and don’t mind a little extra work, then by all means go ahead with the freestanding option!

Size of Space

The size of your space will determine how big or small your tub needs to be, so make sure you know what size will fit before making any purchases! If you have a large space, you’ll have more options for tubs than if you have a small one (but even then, there are still plenty!).

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Type of material

There are many different materials that can be used when creating a bathtub. The most common materials used include fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic.

Fiberglass is a lightweight and durable material that can be found in many homes around the world. Acrylic is another type of material that is more expensive than fiberglass but still offers great quality. Cast Iron in all three of them is the most durable option but it is more expensive than acrylic and fiberglass and it tends to rust over time.

If you want something that’s easier to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance then go with acrylic.

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Design of Your Bathroom

Another important thing to think about when choosing a small bathtub is its design—how does it look? Does it match the style of your bathroom? If so then great! If not then maybe consider another one

The design of your bathroom will influence whether or not certain types of tubs will work better than others.

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You want something that looks good but also works well with your space. You also want it to last—you don’t want to have to replace your tub every year or two.

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5 Best Small Bathtubs

The best bathtub for your small bathroom will depend on the space you have to work with as well as your personal preferences. While there are plenty of bathtubs on the market that will fit in a small bathroom. We have narrowed it down to the 5 Best Small Bathtubs you can buy in 2023.

Woodbridge 48″ Freestanding tub

Woodbridge 47 Inch freestanding Small Bathtub
48 inch L x 26 inch W x 24 inch H

If you’re looking for a small tub that’s large enough to fit one person and still allow you to soak in the tub, Woodbridge has got your back.

The Woodbridge Best Small Bathtub is acrylic and reinforced with Ashland resin & fiberglass, so it’s both durable and economical. It can be installed in a variety of spaces and desired temperatures, has a slip-resistant surface, drains without leaking, and even comes with its own drain kit for free! This tub is also made from ABS and PVC materials for easy installation.

It’s the perfect size for anyone looking for an economical bathtub that fits their space perfectly—without compromising on quality.

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Premium grade drain Kit is included for free

Size is ample yet economical

Keeps water at its desired temperature

Slip Resistance


Suitable for 1 person


No cons found for this bathtub

American Standard 2461002.020 Drop In 46″

American 46 inch Standard Drop In Small Bathtub
46 x 24 x 70 inches

America’s Best Small Bathtub is the best in its class. It’s made of Americast Standard material, which means it’s lighter than cast iron and easier to handle. Its 14-inch depth for soaking gives you plenty of room to relax and soak in the tub.

The heat retention qualities make it a great choice for small bathrooms—and when combined with its slip-resistant surface and easy-to-clean enamel finish, it’s sure to grab some attention in any home.

And if you want a tub that looks like it belongs in your bathroom? No problem! This tub has an integral apron front and tile flange so it fits right in with the rest of your decor.


Americast is lighter than cast iron

Easier to handle

14-inch depth for soaking

Excellent Heat retention qualities

Slip-resistant textured floor

Easy to clean, enamel finish is scratch resistant


Installation can be tedious

Kingston Brass Alcove Tub 54″

Kingston Brass 54 inch Drop In Small Bathtub
54 x 30 x 21.63 inches

The Kingston Brass Best Small Bathtub is a 55.6-gallon tub that’s perfect for any small bathroom. It has an acrylic construction with fiberglass and resin reinforcement, so it’s super sturdy and durable, and it’s set up for a three-wall alcove installation. The tub has a good amount of space in the walls, so you can install fixtures or shelves without worrying about being cramped.

The tub is also designed with a water depth of 14-3/8″ to overflow, which means there’s plenty of room for your favorite hot tub!

This product was designed to be installed in smaller bathrooms, but it would also work well in larger spaces as well—just make sure you have enough space between the walls and ceiling to accommodate the installation process.


You’ll love how simple this tub was to install and enjoy!

The tub has a 55.6-gallon capacity and all exposed sides.

Three-wall alcove installation

Alcove tub with apron

Good small bathrooms


Difficult to adjust

The Tub Connection 54″

The Tub Connection 54 Inch Cast Iron Clawfoot tub
53.5 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches

The Tub Connection Best Small Bathtub is a unique, stylish bathtub that’s perfect for any small bathroom. It features a smooth white porcelain interior and an 18″ overflow, so you can put in as much water as you need. You’ll love the 42-gallon water capacity—it’s enough to get every inch of your body wet!

This Clawfoot small bathtub is designed with Swedish design to ensure maximum water depth and a good fit in small spaces.

It’s also easy to clean because it’s made from white porcelain, so there won’t be any stains or discoloration. And with its Swedish design intended for maximum water depth, this tub can fit into even the tiniest bathrooms.

Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your bathroom décor or just want a comfortable place to take a warm shower after a hard day, this tub is the perfect fit!

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The white interior is bright and cheerful, so it will brighten up your space in no time

It is easy to maintain as well as an attractive unit

It feels like a luxurious spa experience at home

Stylish, easy to clean

Popular Swedish design


Heavier in weight but worth it

Homray 47″ Japanese Soaking Bathtub

Homray 47 Inch Soaking Small Bathtub
47.24″L x 22.83″W x 27.56″/34.25″H

The Homray 47″ Japanese Soaking Bathtub is designed for people who want to soak and relax in a small, comfortable bathtub.

The Homray 47″ Japanese Soaking Bathtub is made of stone resin, so it’s corrosion and tarnishing resistant. It has a free-standing installation, so it doesn’t need a hole drilled in your bathroom floor or ceiling; just uncork that bottle of wine that’s been sitting in your wine cellar for too long and let yourself relax in style. The tub is spacious enough to accommodate one bather, so you can sit back and enjoy all the hot water you want while soaking away some stress from a busy day.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about drainage or stepping on slippery floors—just climb into this tub and relax! And with one year’s warranty included with each purchase, you can rest easy knowing this tub will hold up for years to come.

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Constructed of stone resin

Corrosion and tarnishing resistant

Free-standing installation

Spacious design accommodates one bather

Drain & step stool is included

1-year warranty


The faucet is not included

Bottom Line

Small bathtubs are a great option for those with limited bathroom space, as they are more compact and can easily fit into tight areas. They can also offer a unique, cozy and stylish look, as well as being cost-effective compared to larger tubs. However, they may not be ideal for people who need more space for soaking or those who prefer a spacious tub. It is important to measure your bathroom space and consider personal needs before choosing a bathtub

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying a small bathtub?

A common mistake when selecting a small bathtub is to purchase a standard-size tub and then try to make it fit in a smaller space. The best bathtub for small spaces is one that is designed specifically with these constraints in mind. These include a shorter width, legs that can be removed to reduce the depth, and optional shelves or storage underneath.

What is the best bathtub material for small space?

Acrylic is the best bathtub material for a small space, because it is light in weight, easy to install, and doesn’t cost too much.

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