Is A Wooden Bathtub Worth It? Find Out Here

Wooden Bathtub

Bathtubs come in many different materials, from basic white porcelain to sleek and expensive Italian marble. But what about bathtubs made of wood? Can a bathtub really be made of wood?

Read on as we take a look at some of the options you have if you’re looking for a Wooden Bathtub and how they compare to other types of bathtubs.

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Wooden Bathtub types
Oak Wood
Cedar Wood
Pine Wood
What Type of Wood is best for a Wooden Bathtub?
Pros and Cons of Wooden Bathtub
Best Wooden Bathtub
What to consider before buying a Wooden Bathtub
Is a Wooden Bathtub Worth it?

Wooden Bathtub types

Bathtubs are usually made of porcelain or acrylic, but there’s another option you may not have considered if you’re searching for the most eco-friendly tub out there: wood bathtubs. Wooden bathtubs come in two main varieties: oak, cedar, and pine all of which have unique properties that give them special benefits over other bathtub options.

Oak wood

Homray 59 inch japanese oak soaking tub

Oak wood is a beautiful and durable hardwood that has a smooth texture. Oak is an excellent choice for a wooden bathtub because it is easy to work with and has an attractive grain pattern. If you are looking for a natural-looking tub, then oak is the way to go.

Cedar Wood

American Wood Cedar Bathtub

Cedar wood is also a popular material for making bathtubs. Cedar has an attractive reddish color that makes it look like real wood, but it will not rot after years of use like some other woods can do. Cedar is also known as redwood because of its red color. Cedar is soft enough to be easily worked with, making it a great choice if you want your bathtub to feel nice and smooth against the skin when submerged in water (or anything else).

Pine Wood

Pine Wood bathtub

Pine is another type of wood that can be used for making bathtubs. Pine has been linked to many health benefits because it contains anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce swelling in joints and muscles when used regularly (which means less stiffness).

Pine is usually used for flooring because it’s easy to install, but many people choose pine over other woods for their bathroom because it looks natural and blends nicely with other colors in your home’s décor scheme.

What Type of Wood is best for a Wooden Bathtub?

Wooden bathtubs are made from different types of wood, so it’s important to know which type will work best for you. For example, pine bathtubs are often less expensive than cedar and more durable than oak. With that said, if you want your wood bathtub to last longer than just a few years and also have the best chance of standing up to mold and mildew, then you should consider investing in an oak tub.

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Pros and Cons of Wooden Bathtub

Wood baths have been popular in Europe for over 100 years. It’s said that bathing in wood provides a unique healing experience for the body, easing tension and stress. Wooden baths are also known to hydrate your skin, restore natural pH levels, and cleanse the pores. As an added bonus, wood bathtubs can be made to fit your space perfectly! They have many pros and cons.

Pros of Wooden Bathtub

Wooden bathtubs are an excellent choice for a home, especially if you want to make your space feel more organic.

Here we will pros of the wooden bathtub.

Naturally Beautiful

Wooden bathtubs are naturally beautiful and will add a unique look to any bathroom. They are made from natural materials and will last for years to come. They retain heat well, so your water will stay warm longer than with other types of tubs.

Good for indoors

Wooden bathtubs can also be used outdoors as well as indoors.

They’re great for indoors because they don’t absorb moisture quickly as some plastics do. This makes them ideal for people who live in humid climates or have children who need to bathe frequently—they won’t get moldy!

They have a nice warm feel to them and do not absorb water like acrylic or fiberglass tubs.

Comfortable Shape

Wooden bathtubs have comfortable slipper bathtub shape. If you want a comfortable place to relax in while taking a shower or relaxing with your friends then a wooden tub is the way to go!

Lasts Longer

Finally, wooden bathtubs last much longer than plastic ones do. Since they’re made from natural materials, they won’t break down as quickly as plastic does—meaning that you can enjoy these beautiful tubs for years and years to come.

Perfect Soaking

Wooden tubs are perfect for soaking in the tub while reading a book or simply relaxing on a regular night. They also make great additions to your bathroom decor because they are sturdy, beautiful, and easy to clean.

Romantic Vibe

Wooden bathtubs have a romantic vibe to them as well, which makes them perfect for couples who want to spend time together in the tub.

They are perfect for date nights or romantic getaways.

Cons of Wooden Bathtub

Wooden bathtubs are beautiful, but they’re not for everyone. Here are some of the cons of wooden bathtubs


Wooden bathtubs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which is a lot to pay out of pocket.


There are many different types of wood, so you’ll have to be careful about how you clean them and where you store them. You should also make sure that any products you use on a wooden tub (like bleach) won’t damage it.

Not for outdoors

If you have an outdoor space in your home, a wooden tub might not be the best choice for keeping things water-safe. If that’s the case, consider getting an acrylic bathtub instead!

Best Wooden Bathtub

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to install wooden bathtubs instead of the more common plastic or acrylic varieties. Whether it’s because you want to reduce waste and use materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, or because you just like the natural look, there’s no denying that wooden bathtubs are really beautiful and they can add a lot to your bathroom if you know what you’re doing when installing them.

Natural Flow Creations

Natural Flow Creations Wooden Bathtub

The Natural Flow Creations Wooden Bathtub is a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

Natural Flow Creations believe in creating beautiful products that are made with care and attention to detail. Their wooden bathtubs are no exception.

This wooden bathtub is handcrafted from rosewood and has a water capacity of 350 liters. It’s finished with marine grade varnish, crushed malachite, and the Lichtenberg effect, which gives it a unique look.

The base is curved so it doesn’t have an overflow (and no worries about splashing!). And the bottom of the tub is flat—so you can lay in it or sit up while you relax!

The new bathtub comes with the Rosewood teak bath caddy—a must-have accessory for any bathtub aficionado.

This is one of the best wooden handmade bathtubs you can buy online.

Important information: Lead time is between 12 to 16 weeks. Shipping can take between 4 and 12 weeks, or the item can be sent via Courier ( 7 to 10 days ) at an additional fee.


Bathtub Hand made from Rosewood

Made from 38/22mm thick stacked elliptical rings.

350 liters water capacity

Lichtenberg effect burnt into sides and filled with crushed malachite.

The inner base is curved.

The bottom base is a flat surface with a rubber mat underneath.

Includes the Rosewood Bath Caddy.


The bath does not have an overflow.

Costly option

Homray Oak Wood Soaking Bathtub

Homray 59 inch japanese oak soaking tub
Homray Japanese Soaking tub

The Homray Oak Wood Wooden Bathtub is a spectacular piece of high-end design. This gorgeous tub is made of real oak, and its design makes it perfect for log-style cabins.

The Homray Oak Wood Wooden Bathtub is designed for free-standing installation, so you can leave it on the floor of your bathroom or wherever else you choose to store it. It’s spacious enough to accommodate one bather, but it also comes with a drain and step stool so you use it with ease!

This soaking tub will give your body a full-body experience—just lie back and relax as the warm water soaks into every inch of your skin. And when you’re done soaking up some steamy bliss time, just step out of the tub and dry off with the towel. It’s all yours!


Beautiful high-end wooden tub

The perfect addition to any log-style cabin or winter home

Designed for free-standing installation

Great for a full-body experience

Spacious design

Drain & step stool is included


Overflow and faucet not included

Alfi Wooden Soaking tub

Alfi Wooden Soaking Bathtub

The Alfi Wooden Soaking Bathtub is a log-style bathtub that’s Earthy and simple. It’s the comfort of modern luxury with an old-fashioned woodsy appeal.

This soaking tub has all the comforts of a modern luxury bathtub, but with a bit of rustic charm. The design is made of rubber wood and three electroplated iron wraps for durability and strength.

The headrest included in this soaking tub makes it perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day—or just sitting back and letting your cares drift away.

It includes a pop-up drain that makes it easy to clean out any unwanted debris or mud from the bottom of the tub.


Simplicity plus comfort of modern luxury.

Drain Assembly included

Free wooden hanging basket

Re-enforced by three electroplated iron wraps for durability

Headrest included

Includes polished chrome pop-up


Overflow drain not included

What to consider before buying a Wooden Bathtub

When buying a wooden bathtub, there are several things to consider. Here we will discuss what you should consider before a wooden bathtub.

Installation Cost

Before you even start looking around at all of the different wooden bathtubs available, you should consider what kind of installation costs are involved. It’s important to know how long it will take for your installer to get the tub into your bathroom and ready to use.

Faucets Included

You also need to think about whether or not there will be a specific faucet included with your new bathtub, or if you’ll need to buy one separately. If there is no built-in faucet, this could add $50 or more to the price of the bathtub itself—so it’s best to figure out ahead of time how much extra cash you’re willing to spend on this part of the process.

Built-in Seating

Finally, think about whether or not you’d like your new bathtub to include built-in seating. This can really help make your bathroom look more spacious and open up a space in which you can comfortably sit while taking a bath!

This is particularly useful if you have arthritis or joint pain in other parts of your body!


Finally, consider how much money will be spent on purchasing this bathtub before making your decision on whether or not it’s worth buying!

Once you’ve figured out all these details, it’s time to start shopping around! There are lots of different materials and styles available today that would work perfectly well with your home’s decorating scheme—and if none of them do.

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Is a Wooden Bathtub Worth it?

Yes, wooden bathtubs are worth it!

They can be costly, but they’re absolutely worth it. Wooden baths give you a relaxing experience and make you feel like you’re soaking in luxury. The fact that they’re made of wood means that they last longer than other types of tubs. If you’ve never tried one before, I would highly recommend it!

How long do wooden bathtubs last?

Wooden bathtubs are made with natural materials like wood or stone which makes them very strong and long-lasting. They do not need regular maintenance like plastic or fiberglass so they will not crack or splinter over time like other types of tubs would do if left unattended for too long.

Should You Invest in a Wooden bathtub?

Wooden bathtubs are a great investment that you can make in your home. They’re sturdy and will last for many years, and they can be refinished if needed. They’re also beautiful to look at, which makes them a great addition to any room in your house.

How much can you expect to spend on a wooden bathtub?

You could easily spend $1,000-2,000 on a new wooden bathtub if you want something sturdier and more durable.

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