Woodbridge Toilet Reviews – Are Woodbridge Toilets Good?

Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

Woodbridge toilets have gained popularity because of their sleek design, high-quality materials, and advanced features. Our unbiased review will prove that they are not just good but excellent toilets available in the market today.

How We Tested Woodbridge Toilet

To provide accurate and reliable Woodbridge toilet reviews, we did extensive research. During our evaluation process, we mainly focused on essential factors such as comfort seat height, strong flushing system, and easy installation. We personally tested a wide range of Woodbridge toilets and took notes of their performance, quality, and convenience.

Also, we carefully analyzed hundreds of reviews from real users. Finally, we picked our top five Woodbridge toilets that excelled in performance and efficiency based on our thorough research and reviews of users.

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Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

Here are our top 5 Woodbridge toilets that excel in performance, offer convenience, comfort, and safety, elevate the lifestyle, and promise durability and a luxurious bathroom look.

Best Overall: WOODBRIDGE T-0001

WOODBRIDGE T 0001 Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0001 is our top pick for a number of reasons. It is a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) that delivers optimal performance with great efficiency.

It’s a one piece toilet which actually means no extra nooks and crevices to be cleaned, and by looks, it also means a smooth, sleek design giving an aesthetic appeal to the bathroom décor. The smooth surface of the bowl makes the cleaning effortless and hassle-free. The hinges and bolts are concealed to avoid a rough look.

T-0001 is a Dual Flush toilet with 1.28 GPF, but this does not affect its performance as it has a MaP score of 1000 grams which is highly recommended. The fully glazed trapway leaves no place for clogs and waste debris to accumulate and keep the bowl clean and shiny.

Another amazing fact about this toilet is its comfortable seat height, making sitting and standing strain-free and effortless. The elongated seat adds another score to the convenience of using this toilet. It features a slow-closing seat that prevents damage by not letting it slam on the bowl. This seat has stainless steel hinges that ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

It comes in one package containing everything, including the stuff required for installation, making the process simple and easy. It also contains an instructional manual to ensure the installation is error-free.

Being one of the best WOODBRIDGE toilets, it is exceptional in every aspect, from looks to functionality; this product will upgrade your daily life and make it satisfactory.

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Height: 16.5 Inches

GPF: 1.28 GPF

Flush system: Gravity Flush

WaterSense Certified: Yes


It has a concealed design to give a sleek look

The MaP score is1000 grams, which is highly recommended

The seat height is 16.5 inches which makes sitting and standing easy

The smooth surface of the bowl makes cleaning easy

It is a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)


It has no cons.

Best Luxurious Design: WOODBRIDGE T-0020

Woodbridge T 0020 Toilet

The WOODBRIDGE T-0020 is a luxurious and modern toilet with a sleek square design, making it a perfect fit for any bathroom style, whether modern, craftsman, or traditional.

The toilet’s one-piece design adds to its modern aesthetic and makes it easy to clean, while the 16.5 inches seat height is ADA-compliant, ensuring that it is comfortable for all users, including the tall ones and the ones who find it hard to stand from a small seat.

The toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which saves water and reduces the need for frequent flushing. The T-0020 also features a Dual Flush technology that allows users to choose between a half or full flush depending on their needs.

This WOODBRIDGE toilet features a concealed trapway and a fully glazed flush system, which not only adds to its overall design but also makes it easy to wipe down and keep clean. The toilet’s siphon flushing system is super quiet yet powerful, ensuring that it flushes efficiently every time.

The WOODBRIDGE T-0020 comes with a high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, a hand wrench, and installation instructions, making it easy to install.

With its luxurious design and high-end features, T-0020 is the best WOODBRIDGE toilet in every aspect. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern and stylish toilet that is both functional and easy to maintain.


Height: 16.5 Inches

GPF: 1.28 GPF

Flush system: Gravity Flush

WaterSense Certified: Yes


The toilet’s one-piece design adds to its modern aesthetic and makes it easy to clean

It is ADA-Compliant with a seat height of 17 inches

This toilet has a Dual Flush technology that allows users to conserve water

It has a concealed design to hide hinges and bolts and features no ugly plastic caps

The flush is super quiet and gives no annoying sounds

It comes with some pre-installed features, an installation kit, and an instructional manual


It has no cons.

Best Small Toilet: WOODBRIDGE T-0031

WOODBRIDGE B0500 T 0031 Toilet

Do you want a toilet that can handle your entire family? Yes, you guessed it, the WOODBRIDGE T-0031 is the ideal toilet that is very efficient and is not restricted to persons of a specific age.

The feature that makes it unique is its small size with 15.5 inches seat height which can fit easily if your bathroom is not very spacious. The one-piece product offers a design with no corners and grooves for the dust to settle in and hard to clean. Apart from easy cleaning, this white-colored toilet can complement any bathroom style.

The WaterSense-certified toilet delivers optimal performance with a strong and clog-free flush. Its dual flush function, with 1.6 GPF for a full flush and 1 GPF for a liquid flush (an average of 1.28 GPF), ensures that it does not use extra water but instead helps conserve it.

It comes in one package with everything inside. The best part is that the slow-closing seat and water fitting are pre-installed, saving you the time and money for plumber assistance.

It is a HET toilet with a maximum performance score of 1000 grams. WOODBRIDGE T-0031 offers everything a toilet should have and more with its amazing features and promises ideal performance for the long run.


Height: 15.5 Inches

GPF: 1.28 GPF 

Flush system: Gravity Flush

WaterSense Certified: Yes


The smile-sized toilet can fit easily in a non-spacious bathroom

It’s a one-piece toilet and requires low maintenance

T-0031 conserves less water with its dual flush system of 1.28 average GPF

The slow-closing seat and water fitting are pre-installed

It’s an eco-friendly toilet and has WaterSense certification


 It is not ideal for people 6 feet in height and above.

Best ADA-Compliant Toilet: WOODBRIDGE T-0019


One of the best WOODBRIDGE toilets is this ADA-Compliant T-0091, carefully designed to meet ADA standards, ensuring convenience for users with mobility problems. The elongated seat with 16.5 inches height enhances comfort and offers safety.

Making it easy to clean, the design contains no corners or grooves for the dust to settle in. It has a concealed style and no visible bolts or hinges to give an aesthetically appealing smooth look. The timeless and sophisticated chrome-plated top button gives a touch of elegance to the bathroom décor.

T-0091 is an eco-friendly toilet with a 1.28 GPF and dual flush technology. The water-conserving feature does not compromise the performance and delivers a strong but quiet flush with the MaP score of 1000 grams. It has a slow-closing seat that prevents noise disruption and slamming and enhances safety.

The porcelain material used for crafting this beauty promises durability and longevity. Overall, the ADA-Compliant toilet promises safety, elegance, convenience, and easy maintenance.

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Height: 16.5 Inches

GPF: 1.28 GPF

Flush system: Gravity Flush

WaterSense Certified: Yes


It’s an ADA-Compliant toilet with 16.5 inches seat height

T-0091 features a slow-closing seat made of high-quality plastic

It is a one-piece toilet with a smooth surface bowl making cleanliness simple and easy

The dual flush technology helps to conserve water

It has a quiet flush with optimal no-clog performance


T-0091 has no cons.

Best Smart Design: WOODRIDGE B-0960S


The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S is the best smart toilet on the market today. With a 17-inch seat height, it is ADA-compliant and comfortable for all users. The toilet is designed to be totally hygienic, with adjustable water pressure and hygienic filtered water; it delivers the needed wash, ensuring a clean and refreshing experience every time.

The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S has a smart design, and it senses your approach and automatically opens the lid giving a hands-free experience and making it easy and convenient to use. It also senses your departure and gives an automatic powerful but quiet flush to clean the bowl and enhances the hygienic condition of the toilet. 

It does not limit the hygienic to the toilet itself but also features an air deodorizer to make the bathroom air condition pleasant and purified. This too, is done automatically, and air is drawn in, passing through an ionized Carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors.

This toilet has a quiet and powerful siphonic single flushing system with an average of 1.28 GPF, ensuring a powerful and efficient flush every time. The toilet also features a contoured heated seat and a powerful warm air dryer, adding to its comfort and convenience.

In addition to a heated seat and powerful warm air, The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S also has a night light and comes with a remote control, making it easy to use and control. 

With its smart features and high-end design, This Woodbridge toilet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional toilet.


Height: 17 Inches

GPF: 1.28 GPF

Flush system: Gravity Flush

WaterSense Certified: No


With a 17-inch seat height, it is ADA-compliant and comfortable for all users.

The remote control allows you to control the water pressure.

It features an automatic opening and closing lid for a hands-free experience.

The heated water and warm air give to keep you warm and cozy.

The automatic deodorizer keeps the air pure, pleasant, and fresh

It has a quiet but powerful siphon flushing system with 1.28 GPF


This smart elegant tankless toilet has no cons.

What to consider while Buying Woodbridge Toilet

Woodbridge is a brand that manufactures toilets carefully, considering the basic and necessary needs of every individual with its innovative design and technology. 

But before you purchase a Woodbridge toilet, make sure to consider the following factors.

Ease of Use

Ease of use should be your primary consideration. Make sure that the design is simple and will add convenience to your bathroom experience. As a complex design is not only annoying but also consumes extra time with its complexities.

A simple design usually features easy-to-reach handles, easy-to-wipe surfaces, simple flushing technology, eliminates waste in a single flush, is simple to maintain, and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s a toilet that looks good and works well, and that’s all you need from it.

Comfort Height

It is important to consider seat height for the maximum comfort of everyone in your household. Most Woodbridge toilets come with comfort seat heights which are a bit taller than standard seats. 

The seat heights between 17”- 19” meet ADA standards and are not only comfortable for a normal person but also for individuals with mobility issues. So keeping in mind the needs of your family members, wisely choose the seat height that will add convenience to their daily life.

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Installation is another key factor to be considered. Find a toilet that is easy to install and comes with an instructional booklet to help you with the process. 

Luckily, the Woodbridge toilets come with installation instructions and also with all the hardware required for the installation, including wax ring, hand wrench, and bolt, and some of the features are already installed, like a pre-installed seat and pre-installed water fitting.

Flushing System

The flushing system of a toilet is considered while determining its performance. Toilets come in different flushing systems;

Gravity-fed systems:

These systems rely on gravity to flush the waste down the drain. They are quieter and more affordable than pressure-assisted systems.

Pressure-assisted systems:

These systems use pressurized air to force waste down the drain. They can be louder and more expensive.

Most Woodbridge toilets have a gravity flush system with dual flushing technology. They are eco-friendly and use an average of 1.28 gallons per water flush.

Price and Warranty 

Price and Warranty are also crucial factors to consider when buying a toilet. Make sure that the toilet you are buying is worth the money you are spending. Mostly the price depends on the features the toilet has. So make sure you buy a toilet with all the features you need.

The warranty period is also important as it assures you that if something goes wrong with your toilet, you won’t have to spend on fixing it again. The warranty period is usually 2-5 years. So make sure you are buying a toilet with a good warranty period.

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