Shower Head Made in USA – Top 5 American Made Shower Heads

Shower head made in USA

When it comes to finding Shower head made in USA, there are plenty of options out there. American made shower heads are known for their superior quality and long-lasting durability. If you’re looking for the top 5 brands of shower heads made in USA, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the Best American Made Shower Heads and why they should be your go-to choice for all of your bathroom needs. So let’s get started!

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Shower Head Made in USA
Things to keep in mind before buying a Shower Head Made in USA
Bottom Line

Shower Head Made in USA

American made shower heads are reliable, durable, and offer superior performance. Here we’ll be taking a look at the top five shower heads made in the USA, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect shower head for your bathroom.

Speakman Retro S-3015

Speakman Retro S 3015 Shower head made in USA

If you want to make sure your shower head is eco-friendly, durable, and easy to clean, Speakman Retro S-3015 is the way to go. It’s made in the USA and lasts for years with its solid brass construction, corrosion resistance, and self-cleaning design. This Speakman shower head has 8 plungers that evenly distribute water. It has 64 sprays that can be adjusted via a rotating lever.

The 360-degree technology ensures that every corner of your bathroom is covered by a spray. And its diverse settings allow you to customize what kind of water pressure you want!

The Speakman Shower Head has a powerful performance even with low water pressure, so you can enjoy a great shower experience even if your water pressure isn’t very high. The self-cleaning function helps prevent hard water buildup and sediment from building up in your shower head, which makes cleaning easy!

This shower head is made in USA and is a great investment for any homeowner or business owner who wants the best in quality, performance, and durability at an affordable price.


2.5: GPM

Spray settings include: Intense, Rain, Full Flood

Made in USA

1/2 inch standard shower head thread size


The Corrosion Resistant feature makes this Speakman Shower Head durable and resistant to corrosion, so you can use it in any bathroom without worrying about damaging it.

The Polished Chrome finish gives off a modern look while also making sure that this Speakman Shower Head won’t tarnish over time like other products do.

It also has a self-cleaning feature to help keep them looking fresh even after multiple uses.

Speakman offers a limited lifetime warranty so you can feel confident while buying this product


No cons for this shower head made in the USA

Hammer Head All Metal Handheld

Hammer Head handheld shower head for low water pressure

The HammerHead Handheld Shower Head Made in the USA has all the features of a high-quality commercial grade material, but with a super sleek design and an easy installation. This handheld shower head is made of 304 stainless steel, which means it’s built to last. You’ll love the cutting-edge finishing processes and laser welding that went into this product!

The single setting on this handheld shower head makes it perfect for those who don’t want to pay attention to more than one setting. Plus, you can bathe your kids and pets without worrying about water pressure—this handheld shower head has a 6 ft. long metal shower hose, so you can shave legs without straining your arms!

With this Hammer Head Handheld Shower Head Made in USA on your bathroom wall or under your sink, you’ll be able to shave your legs with ease!

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2.5: GPM

Spray settings: Only 1

Made in USA

1/2 inch standard shower head thread size

Hose size: 6 feet long

Colors: 6


It is designed for easy installation

It comes with a kink-free metal hose, which means no more having to worry about the water getting tangled up in your shower’s pipe!

This Shower Head is made of 304 stainless steel, an industrial-grade material that will last you through years of use.


Only 1 spray setting

American Standard 9035254.002 Spectra

American Standard Shower Head Made in USA

American Standard’s two-in-one shower head is everything you need in a shower. It’s a Dock-Tite design with secure docking and a magnetic shower head that operates with ease. The wide hand shower combination is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra space to wash themselves—and it’s also a great option for those looking for an alternative to traditional hand showers.

The Aqua Toggle changes sprays from spray head to spray head, depending on what you need at the time. You can choose between sprays like Massage, Power Wash, and Sensitive Spray, so there’s a spray setting that’s right for you.

Drench spray is perfect for washing off after getting out of the water or after a hard workout at the gym.

The Power wash setting gives you all the power you need to get through any dirt or grime on your body before stepping out of the shower!

And the sensitive spray setting is perfect for those who want to make sure they’re clean before leaving their homes or offices.

This American made shower head is perfect for people who want a shower that feels like a spa treatment.

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2.5: GPM

Spray settings: 4

Made in the USA

1/2 inch standard shower head thread size

Colors: 5


This shower head comes with a secure, powerful spray pattern that helps you get clean while helping you conserve water

The wide 2.5 gallon-per-minute spray makes it easy to make quick work of cleaning up after your kids, pets, or yourself.

This shower head’s 4-Function shower head lets you choose between spray patterns: Sensitive spray, Massage spray, Power Wash spray, and soaking spray.

Easy installation


No cons for this showerhead

Hammer Head Combo

Hammer Head Combo shower head made in USA

Hammer Head Shower Heads are the most powerful and durable shower heads on the market, made in the USA with stainless steel and brass construction.

This Dual Shower Head is a shower head made in the USA and designed to give you the power and performance of a rain shower head with all the convenience of a handheld shower head.

It’s made from 304 stainless steel, which means it’s sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. And because it’s all metal construction, it never flakes or rusts—far exceeding industry standards!

This Hammerhead Combo Shower Head features 3-way diverters that switch smoothly between shower head, stream, and spray. It delivers 2.5 gallons per minute of water pressure that’s powerful enough to beat back even the toughest winter showers.

Additionally, this shower head is also equipped with a removable sprayer that lets you customize your experience by adjusting how much water flows.


2.5: GPM

8 Inch rain shower, 72-inch hose length

Made in the USA

1/2 inch standard shower head thread size

Colors: 3


This shower head has a metal construction

Made of 304 stainless steel and brass, with reinforced commercial grade finishes that never flake or rust.

It also has a 3-way diverter that allows you to use both spray settings at once or switch between sprays by simply pushing down on the lever.


Costly but worth it

Aqua Care Combo

Aqua Care Combo Shower head made in USA

The Aqua Care shower head is a 3-way shower head combo that is designed to provide you with extra height and better flow precision. This shower head is made in the USA, and it has a handle for easy mobility. It also has an adjustable arm that allows you to adjust the height of your shower head.

This American made showerhead features 8 settings so you can customize your experience. You can choose from 5 different zones on this shower head to help ensure you get the perfect wash every time.

The handheld shower can be used in the bathtub or shower, and it comes with a 6-foot hose that allows you to adjust the height of your shower. You can also choose between three different flow rates: high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure.

This made in the USA shower head combo contains no harmful chemicals or additives. It’s designed with stainless steel and hard plastic so that it won’t rust or corrode over time. This product is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their bathing experience without compromising on quality.

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2.5: GPM

3-way shower head

8 Inch rain shower, 72-inch hose length

Made in the USA

1/2 inch standard shower head thread size

Colors: 3


This shower head has a wide range of settings

It also comes with a 72-inch heavy-duty stainless steel hose that reaches far and wide so you can move around easily while using it

This is the ideal shower head for senior care centers or child care facilities where mobility is key!

It can be easily installed in minutes without tools or extra parts


Hard plastic construction but it works well

Things to keep in mind before buying a Shower Head Made in USA

Buying a Shower Head Made in USA is a great way to support local manufacturing, but you have to be sure you’re getting the right product.


First, ask yourself what kind of material your new shower head will be made of. If it’s just plastic, you’re going to have issues with water staining and mold growth pretty quickly. If you’re looking for something more durable, then stainless steel is the way to go. And if you want something that won’t rust or corrode over time, look for a model that is made of rust-resistant material such as 304 stainless steel.

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Next comes installation. You should make sure your new shower head is easy to install—this is important because if it’s not easy to install, then it’s likely not going to be worth having! Also, make sure it has a built-in shutoff valve so you don’t have any nasty leaks during or after installation!

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Shower Head Pressure

This is another important thing to consider before buying a shower head made in USA, if you have low water pressure in your home, you may need a higher-GPM shower head than if you have lots of water pressure.

Water flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). 2.5 GPM is the perfect shower head pressure rate for most homes.

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Where it’s made

You should look for a shower head made in America if you want one that will be made by Americans. The reason is simple, there are many countries in which it’s easy to find a company that can make a good shower head, but it’s not so easy to find one that will be made by Americans. We have taken the time and made sure that all the shower heads in our list are made in USA.


This is another thing about American-made products, they tend to be more expensive than those from other countries. This is because American companies have better infrastructure and resources than their foreign competitors—including higher wages for workers who build these products with excellence and efficiency.


American-made products have warranties that are longer than those of their foreign counterparts. Most importantly, if something goes wrong with your new shower head during its warranty period, you can return it for repair or replacement.

Bottom Line – Why should You choose a Shower Head Made in the USA?

Two American Made Shower Heads

Choosing a shower head made in the USA offers several benefits. Firstly, it supports local manufacturing and contributes to the domestic economy. Secondly, products made in the USA often adhere to higher quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability. Opting for American-made shower heads can also help reduce carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping.

How do Shower Heads Made in the USA compare to imported ones in terms of quality?

Shower heads made in the USA generally have a reputation for superior quality as compared to imported ones. Domestic manufacturers often adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring that their products meet or exceed industry requirements.

Are American Made Shower Heads environmentally friendly?

Many American shower head manufacturers prioritize environmental sustainability. The Manufacturers often implement water-saving technologies, such as flow restrictors or aerators, to conserve water without sacrificing performance. Additionally, local production minimizes the carbon footprint associated with transportation, making them a greener choice for eco-conscious consumers

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