How to Measure a Bathtub – The Ultimate Guide

How to Measure a Bathtub

How much space does your tub need? How many inches of the room will it require in the bathroom? How deep should the water be when filling it?

It can be difficult to figure out the answers to these questions and more, but this guide on How to Measure a Bathtub will help you with everything you need to know about making sure your tub meets your needs perfectly.

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How to Measure a Bathtub
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Measurement of Different Bathtub Styles
Why You Should Measure a Bathtub?

How to Measure a Bathtub

It’s important to get this measurement correct so that you can buy the right size bathtub and get the best fit possible when it’s time to install your new bathtub or shower surround.

Follow these steps to measure your tub correctly before buying a new bathtub!

Measure Length

It’s easy enough to take measurements of a bathtub just by looking at it. The most important measurement is the length.

There are several ways to go about measuring your tub. The easiest way is to lay down a tape measure on the floor and use it as your starting point. This is how long your bathtub will be from end-to-end, which means you should measure from an inside corner-to-inside corner on one side and then do the same for the other side. Next, you’ll want to know how deep you want your tub to be.

Measure the depth

The depth of your tub is one of the most important measurements you need to make. A standard depth for a small tub is 12 inches. The average depth for a medium-sized tub is 16 inches, and for large tubs, it’s around 20 inches.

To get an accurate measurement, measure the distance from the endpoint of the tub to the overflow of the tub.

Important information

Measure the depth of your tub and subtract two inches from that measurement–the resulting number will be how deep you can fill the tub before it overflows.

Measure Width, Height, and Shape

Measure the width of your tub by measuring from one end of the tub to the other.

While measuring the height of your tub use a tape measure or ruler and always measure from the floor and not from the inside of the tub.

If your measurements are in feet, convert them into inches by dividing them by 12 and rounding up to the nearest inch. For example, 12.1” would be 12”. Also, determine if you have an oval or rectangular-shaped tub and use those measurements accordingly.

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Important information

Measure the depth of your tub and add one inch, as this is what you’ll need for soap dishes, shower caddies, and other accessories.

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How to measure Enclosed Bathtubs

Kohler alcove cast iron bathtub

Enclosed bathtubs are often covered by a surround, which can be made out of plastic or metal. The surround is what keeps the tub in place. It also adds or subtracts an inch when you measure it. So make sure you know if your tub is surrounded before you start measuring!

You can measure the enclosed bathtub using a tape measure or a ruler. To do this, you’ll need to know the length of your bathtub and the width of your surround.

Measuring an enclosed bathtub is a little bit different than measuring an open bathtub. If you’re not sure what to do, just follow these steps:

1. Measure the width of your tub and add an inch.

2. Measure the depth of your tub and subtract an inch.

3. Measure the height of the tub from the floor outside the tub.

4. Measure both sides of your tub, in the same way, using one tape measure. Make sure all measurements are completely accurate.

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Standard Measurements for Enclosed Bathtubs

If you’re looking for a new enclosed bathtub, it’s important to know the dimensions of your bathroom and what size tub will work best. Enclosed bathtubs come in standard sizes:

27-by-54 inches

32-by-60 inches

30-by-60 inches

42-by-72 inches

42-by-60 inches

60-by-60 inches

You can purchase the bathtub if your measurement is close to any of the above standard measurements.

How to measure Stand-Alone bathtubs

Empava 67 Inch Freestanding bathtub

Stand-alone bathtubs come in various sizes from 16 inches to 24 inches deep. They have a plumbing fixture that can be attached to your existing bathroom sink or shower faucet. These plumbing fixtures will allow you to fill the tub with water without having to disconnect anything from your current plumbing system.

With stand-alone bathtubs, you don’t have to guess how much space you need for your tub—you can measure it easily.

To measure a stand-alone bathtub:

1. Measure the length of the tub using tape and measure from one side to the other

2. Measure the width of a tub by measuring from one end to the other

3. Measure the height of the tub by measuring from the floor to the top edge of the tub

4. Measure the depth of the standalone tub by measuring from the deep endpoint to the topmost overflow point.

Standard Measurements for Standalone Bathtubs

Like enclosed bathtubs, standalone bathtubs also come in various sizes, from Small to large, their standard sizes include

30 by 60 inches

27 by 55 inches

32 by 72 inches

You can choose a stand-alone bathtub from the standard sizes mentioned above. These bathtubs provide you with extra comfort and save space in your bathroom.

Measurement of Different Bathtub Styles

Here we will discuss the measurement of bathtubs of all sizes, shapes, and styles – from Japanese soaking tubs to modern designer whirlpool tubs.

Drop-In Bathtubs

American Standard Drop In Acrylci Tub

Drop-in bathtubs are measured with a stand-on measurement. The measurement can be made for either the surround or the bathtub. The measurements should be taken from a level surface, such as a level floor or concrete slab.

Standard Drop-in Bathtub Measurements

The 5-foot bathtub: 40 by 63 inches

The 6-foot bathtub: 70 by 94 inches

Small: 30 by 50

Medium: 32 by 60

Large: 32 by 72

Japanese Bathtubs

Homray 47 Inch Japanese Soaking Tub

A Japanese bathtub is a deep, soaking tub that is typically smaller than a full-sized bathtub. There are many different styles of Japanese baths, including ones that are taller and have seats, as well as ones that are shorter and have sloping sides.

Standard Japanese Bathtub Measurements

Small size 40-by-40 inches

Largest size 66-by-42 inches

Alcove Bathtubs

KOHLER Archer Alcove Bathtub

Alcove Bathtubs have a three-wall alcove style, which gives the bathtub a more spacious feel. This type of bathtub has two walls that are at right angles to each other, while the third wall is parallel to the other two. The width between the two parallel walls is larger than the width between the two perpendicular walls.

Standard Alcove Bathtub Measurements

Average size: 48 by 25 with 14-16 inch depth

Small: 30 by 50

Medium: 32 by 60

Large: 32 by 72

Freestanding Bathtubs

Decorapart 71 Inch Freestanding tub soaking tub

Freestanding tubs as you can read from their name, they are freestanding and can be placed anywhere. They are really great if you have a small space in your bathroom. And they come in many different styles, such as Whirlpools.

Standard Freestanding Bathtub Measurements

Average size: 30 by 60 inches with 19 inches of water depth

Small: 24 by 50  

Medium: 30 by 60

Large: 32 by 72

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Walk in Bathtubs

Empava Walk in bathtub

Walk-in Bathtubs are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The tub is large enough to accommodate two people comfortably. The safety of the tub is ensured by its anti-slip floor which helps prevent accidents while bathing.

Standard Walk in Bathtub Measurements

Average size 30 by 52 inches

Small: 28 by 48

Medium: 30 by 60

Large: 36 by 60

Why You Should Measure a Bathtub?

Measurement is important because there are so many different kinds of tubs out there and they all come in different sizes. This means that even if your favorite brand has a tub that’s not quite right for your space, there may be another type that would work better for your budget or bathroom décor. Here are a few reasons why you should always measure before ordering a bathtub

Right Size Bathtub

First, measuring a bathtub is essential for ensuring that it’s the right size for your home. You want to know that you’re getting the most out of your investment. It’s also important to make sure that your tub will fit in the space where you intend to install it.

Saves Money

The second reason why you should measure a bathtub is that it saves money! When you order online for a new bathtub, you have to pay shipping costs and installation fees. But by measuring your bathtub before ordering it online, then you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to ship it to your home and install it once it arrives at your doorstep!

Easy to Do

The third reason why you should measure a bathtub is because it’s easy! You don’t need any special tools or gadgets to do this—you just need a tape measure and some time!

Right location

Finally, measuring will make it easier for you to get the right location for your new tub!

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