Best Non Clogging Toilet for a Hassle-Free Bathroom Experience 2023

Best Non Clogging Toilet

Are you tired of having to plunge your toilet every time you flush? If so, then you’re in luck! We’ve researched the market for the best non clogging toilet that will offer you a hassle-free bathroom experience. Whether you’re looking for a low flow model or something with a little more power, we have the perfect recommendations for you. 

Read on to learn more about our 5 top picks for the Best Non Clogging Toilet.

Why Toilets Clog

Toilets are ubiquitous in modern households, serving as indispensable fixtures for maintaining hygiene and sanitation. However, they are not immune to the issue of clogs, which can quickly turn a routine necessity into a frustrating problem. Understanding how toilets clog is the first step in addressing this issue.

Hydraulic Resistance

Toilets are designed to use the power of water to swiftly and effectively remove waste. When you flush, a significant amount of water rushes into the bowl, creating a force that pushes waste through the drain and into the sewage system. However, any obstruction in this pathway can create hydraulic resistance, impeding the flow and leading to a clog.

Narrow Trapways

The trapway, a key component of a toilet’s design, is the S-shaped section located at the base of the toilet bowl. It is responsible for transporting waste from the bowl to the drainpipe. Many traditional toilets have narrow trapways that can easily become congested, especially when confronted with larger waste or excessive toilet paper.

The Role of Gravity

Gravity is the toilet’s ally, aiding in the transportation of waste. However, if an object or a clump of toilet paper is too large to be carried by gravity alone, it can become stuck in the trapway or bend, thus leading to a clog.

Understanding the science behind toilet clogs is essential for taking proactive measures to prevent them. In the next sections, we will explore 5 best non clogging toilets designed to minimize these issues.

5 Best Non Clogging Toilet

Finding the best non clogging toilet is the key to a stress-free bathroom experience. There are plenty of great no-clog toilet models on the market, but which one should you choose?

Read through the guide below to pick the best non clogging toilet for yourself!

Best Overall: American Standard 2034314.020 Champion 4

American Standard Champion 4 one piece toilet

The American Standard 2034314.020 Champion 4 toilet is the best non-clogging toilet on the market.

It’s got a siphon action jetted bowl that prevents clogging, and it’s been tested by us to make sure it won’t clog in your home, either. It also has an EverClean surface that permanently maintains the cleanliness of your toilet surface, so you never have to worry about cleaning your toilet seat frequently.

This toilet comes with a color-matched Champion slow-close toilet seat, so it will look great in any bathroom. It has an elongated chair height and piston action accelerator flush valve for powerful flushing, so you can be confident that this toilet will get everything out of your pipes and leave them squeaky clean. And because this toilet only uses 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), you can save water without sacrificing performance.

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Type: One piece toilet

GPF: 1.6

Clog-free Performance: Best


Considerably low water consumption

It has a slow close toilet seat

A compact design ideal for smaller spaces

Inclusion of EverClean surface


Relatively louder flush

Best Dual flush toilet: Woodbridge T-0019


Get ready for the most comfortable toilet you’ve ever sat on. Woodbridge t0001-ch has a chair height that meets ADA standards, so it’s perfect for people who can’t get up from a low seat or need extra comfort when they do. It’s completely smooth and easy to wipe down, with a fully concealed trap-way that keeps all of the nooks and crannies of your toilet clean.  

Since there are no bends or corners to gather dust, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it out every time you use it. The Siphon Flushing system provides super quiet and powerful flushes that offer NO clogs and NO leaks. Furthermore, the quick-release seat makes cleaning after years of use incredibly easy!

It also has an elegant modern design that will fit into any bathroom theme seamlessly.

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Type: One piece toilet

GPF: 1.6

Clog-free Performance: Maximum clog-free performance


Super easy-to-clean design

Inclusion of a quick-release seat

Comfort height ideal for all age groups

High-efficiency siphon action flush


Complicated installation

Best Comfort Height toilet: HOROW T0338W

HOROW T0338W Non clogging toilet

The HOROW T0338W toilet is a modern, sleek non clogging toilet that’s perfect for your bathroom. It is ADA-compliant along with featuring a seamless one piece toilet design, which is sure to make a statement in your bathroom.

The comfort height seating makes using this toilet more comfortable as there is less strain sitting on or standing up. The powerful and water-saving flush comes from research and development of innovative toilet plumbing structures.

This toilet provides significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year without having to compromise on flushing capabilities. The siphon action dual flush provides maximum-performance flushing that prevents clogging. The easy-to-install design saves you time on installation and ensures that you can get back to enjoying your bathroom faster than ever before!

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Type: One piece toilet

GPF: 1.28

Clog-free Performance: top-class clog-free performance


Affordable alternative as compared to many top brands

Best comfort height seat

Visually appealing as compared to traditional toilets

Silent flush

Effortless installation


Low-quality plastic seat:

Best water-conserving toilet: Kohler K-3999-0 Highline

Kohler Highline Arc Toilet

If you’re looking for a toilet that won’t clog and is easy to install, look no further. The Kohler K-3999-0 Highline is the best non clogging toilet on the market. It features an elongated bowl along with a comfort height seat comparable to that of a standard chair. This makes it ideal for use by people of all ages, including those who may be injured or elderly.

This water-sense toilet meets strict EPA flushing guidelines and uses at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gpf toilets. The class five flush provides tremendous bulk waste flushing performance and best-in-class bowl cleanliness. If you’ve ever had trouble with your toilet clogging, this is the toilet for you! Because it uses less water, hence there is less chance of clogs forming in the tank or pipes underground (which can cause serious problems).

Lastly, Kohler’s canister flush valve packs a powerful punch to eliminate even the slightest chance of clogging without wasting water—and it’s effortless to install.

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Type: Two-piece toilet

GPF: 1.28

Clog-free Performance: Efficient clog-free performance


Comfort height seating

Class 5 flushing technology

Water-conserving features

Elongated seat for more comfort

Premium quality plastic seat


No dual flush

Best high-efficiency toilet: DeerValley DV-1F026

DeerValley DV 1F026 Ally Dual Flush Toilet

With the DeerValley DV-1F026, you’ll have the best non clogging toilet in your bathroom. This sleek ADA compliant design is stylish and clean, which makes it perfectly suitable for your modern theme bathroom. The fully glazed surface is self-cleaning, which simplifies maintenance. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain as compared to a two-piece toilet!

The highly efficient dual-flush feature, allows you to proactively conserve water by selecting 0.8 GPF or higher 1.28 gpf for tougher jobs. This super quiet and powerful flush prevents clogging—its easy and convenient installation saves you tons of time. The package includes a pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, pre-installed flush valve, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instructions for ease of installation.

The compact design is ideal for small spaces while still offering an easy-release seat that makes cleaning super easy. Lastly, the high-end soft closing seat made with durable steel seat hinges closes quietly and slowly, ensuring a peaceful environment!


Type: One piece toilet

GPF: 1.28

Clog-free Performance: High-efficiency clog-free performance


Ideal for small spaces

Effortless cleaning

Highly durable design

Long-lasting white glaze


The toilet seat is narrow

What to consider while Buying Non Clogging Toilet 

Due to the availability of several non clogging toilets on the market, picking out the best non clogging toilet for yourself might seem pretty challenging. Hence, make sure to consider the following factors when purchasing the best non clogging toilet.

Clog free Performance

Clog-free performance is the most crucial feature that you should be considering while purchasing the best non-clogging toilet. Clog-free performance depends on numerous elements such as the size of the trap way, flushing system, flush valve, and toilet design. Read on to find out about ideal specifications that make a toilet the best no-clog toilet.

Flushing System

There’s no denying, the flushing system of a toilet plays the most important role in potentially reducing the chances of clogging. There are 2 distinct types of flushing systems known as gravity-assisted systems, also known as siphon jet, and pressure-assisted systems.

Gravity flush systems mainly use the force of gravity along with water weight to push down the mass of waste into your sewer line. On the other hand, pressure-assisted systems make use of compressed air to push down the water along with waste into the sewer line.

Surprisingly, pressure-assisted systems have proven to work more efficiently as compared to gravity-flushing systems.

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Larger Trapway

The size of the trap way is important as it regulates the amount of liquid and solid waste leaving your toilet bowl. Generally, when a toilet’s trap way is large it allows smooth and maximum flow of waste materials into the sewer lines, which results in significantly reduced chances of clogging.

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Flush Valve

Likewise, the trapway, the size of a flush valve plays an equally important role in determining the clog-free capabilities of a toilet. Typically, flush valves come in a variety of sizes that range from 2-4 inches. The faster the water is delivered to the bowl, the faster the waste elimination process takes place.

Hence, larger flush valves have an advantage over smaller flush valves when it comes to reducing clogs.

Toilet Design (One Piece or Two Piece)

The two most common toilet designs are one piece and two piece toilets. As the name suggests, in one piece toilets both the bowl and flushing tank are combined in one unit. On the other hand, in a two-piece toilet, the tank and bowl serve as two independent components.

When it comes to clog-free performance, one-piece toilet has managed to stay one step ahead as it supports the anti-clogging features of a toilet by providing a larger trap way to eliminate waste.

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What are the Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Toilets are subjected to a variety of waste materials, and understanding the common culprits behind toilet clogs is crucial in preventing and mitigating this inconvenience.

Toilet Paper Overload

The primary suspect in many toilet clogs is an excessive amount of toilet paper. While toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when wet, the excessive use of it in a single flush can overwhelm the toilet’s capacity to break it down. This leads to blockages, especially in toilets with narrow trapways.

Foreign Objects

Children’s toys to personal items, can unintentionally find their way into the toilet. These objects are not designed to be flushed and can easily become lodged in the trapway.

Excessive Waste

Toilets are meant to handle human waste, but when excessive waste is flushed, it can quickly overwhelm the system. The trapway and the drainpipe are not designed to accommodate excessive loads of waste, leading to clogs.

Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting regular toilet maintenance, such as cleaning and addressing minor issues, can contribute to clogs. Over time, mineral deposits and debris can accumulate in the trapway, reducing its efficiency.

Older Plumbing Systems

In some cases, older plumbing systems may have narrower drainpipes, making them more susceptible to clogs. The design of these systems may not be conducive to efficiently handling the volume and types of waste produced by modern households.

How We Selected Non Clogging Toilets

We have curated this list of the best non clogging toilets after carefully and thoroughly analyzing and contrasting loads of toilets currently available on the market. Every feature of all the above-mentioned products has been studied in great detail to make sure only the best products make it to this list of best no clog toilets.

The products listed here are visually appealing, plus made with premium quality material to ensure durability along with possessing anti-clog features.


In conclusion, the quest to selecting the right non-clogging toilet, and my expert recommendation points to the American Standard 2034314.020 Champion 4. This toilet surpasses the competition with its wider trapway, powerful flushing mechanism, and exceptional durability. It has received widespread acclaim from satisfied users, guaranteeing a dependable and hassle-free bathroom experience.

When you invest in the American Standard 2034314.020 Champion 4, you are choosing not only a toilet but also a future free from the persistent nuisance of toilet clogs. This innovative toilet combines water efficiency, robust flushing power, and a design that minimizes clog risks, making it the ultimate solution to this age old plumbing problem.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

In the realm of toilet clogging, questions and concerns often abound. Below, we provide answers to some of the most common inquiries about non clogging toilet.

What should I do if my toilet is already clogged?

The first step is to remain calm. Do not flush again, as this can exacerbate the issue. Instead, use a plunger to attempt to dislodge the clog. If this fails, consider using a toilet auger or seek professional plumbing assistance.

Can I use chemical drain cleaners to unclog my toilet?

While chemical drain cleaners are available, they can be harsh on your plumbing and the environment. It’s advisable to use these products sparingly and as a last resort. Mechanical methods, such as plungers or augers, are safer and more effective.

Are non-clogging toilets worth the investment?

Non-clogging toilets, designed with wider trapways and improved flushing mechanisms, are an excellent investment for long-term convenience and reduced plumbing headaches. They offer enhanced performance, water efficiency, and durability, making them a wise choice.

What are the signs of a potential toilet clog?

Slow draining, gurgling sounds, and water backing up in the bowl are indicative of a potential clog. Pay attention to these signs to address the issue before it worsens.

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