Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews – Our Top Picks

Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews

Are you looking for a shower head to update your bathroom? Well then, this article is dedicated to helping you find one. You may find many brands and manufacturers that are in the shower head industry, but only a few are trusted for their high-performance, durable products. Speakman is one of those trusted brands, and it has manufactured many quality shower heads.

In this article, based on the Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews, we have compiled a list of shower heads that are visually appealing and give optimal performance.

Speakman Shower Head Company Overview

The Speakman Shower Head Company has long been a trusted name in the world of bathroom fixtures and accessories. With a rich heritage dating back to 1869, Speakman has consistently delivered innovative and high-quality products that enhance the showering experience.

At the heart of their success lies the revolutionary design of the Speakman Shower Heads. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, these shower heads offer an unparalleled combination of style, functionality, and durability. From rain shower heads to handheld options, Speakman caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a refreshing and invigorating shower every time.

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Best Speakman Shower Head Review

Below is the list of the best Speakman shower heads with detailed reviews of each product. Whether you are looking for a handheld shower or a fixed one, with multiple spray settings or one setting, water saving feature, or a sleek design, you will find it all in the following list. 

Go ahead and pick the best!

Best Overall: Speakman S-2251

Speakman S 2251 Shower Head For Hard Water

We have been testing shower heads for quite a while, and our team’s favorite is the Speakman S-2251. It features a modern tap design and a classic form that goes well with any bathroom style.

Among other amazing features, one feature that makes the S-2251 the best Speakman shower head is its Anystream 360 system. The innovative engineering allows you to transition between three spray settings; Intense, Rain, and Flood. It is designed so you can get your preferred shower experience with three different options.

Speaking of different options, what if you get seven different options? Well, this exquisite piece of luxury comes in seven elegant colors, leaving you with a broad range of choices. It means that with Speakman S-12251, you get evenly distributed water with appealing aesthetics.

The high pressure is a sure sign that you should get this shower head if you want to update your bathroom with class and quality performance. What happens is that it sends a powerful 2.5 GMP shower so you start your day with positivity or end your day by washing away stress.

Additionally, the shower head has plungers for self-cleaning, meaning it’s a low-maintenance product that prevents mineral deposits and ensures hygienic condition and longevity.

It is constructed with brass material and has a polished finish which promises durability and longevity. We will surely suggest you get this visually appealing and optimal-performing shower head for a five-star hotel-like bathroom experience.


Type: Rain Shower

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Spray settings: 3


It comes in seven beautiful colors, giving a broad choice for your bathroom décor

Its design allows you to transition between three spray settings; Intense, Rain, and Flood

It gives a power shower experience with 2.5 GPM


It has no cons.

Best Rain Shower: Speakman S-2762

Best Rain Shower Speakman S 2762

Speakman S-2762 is a shower head that will make your life better!

If you’re tired of dealing with old, leaky shower heads, then the Speakman S-2762 is the perfect addition to your bathroom. It is a 2.5 GPM shower head designed with durability, EPA policies, and performance in mind.

This shower head comes in round and square shapes, so you can choose which is right for your bathroom décor. It’s made of brass material with corrosion-resistant chrome finishing, so you know it will last for years to come. 

The 105 full-coverage sprays will ensure you get a steady stream of cleansing without any issues whatsoever. It is an ideal choice for homes and hotels as it saves water without compromising quality. 

It is easy and simple to install; you can install it in 5 minutes without any plumbing assistance. The best part? It comes with an installation kit that includes a wrench and tape. This Speakman shower head has been engineered with high-quality materials and design elements that prevent leaks and drips.

Get a luxurious bath with this classic beauty and be free of worries!

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Type: Rain Shower

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Spray settings: 1


It comes in two shapes; round and square, to give you choice

The 105 full-coverage sprays will ensure you get a steady stream

It comes with installing kit

Installation is very easy for this shower head


Only one spray setting

Best Combo: Speakman VS-232007

Best Combo Speakman VS 232007

The VS-232007 is one of the best Speakman shower heads based on the Speakman shower head reviews. It is designed to provide an unparalleled shower experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and energetic.

The Speakman VS-232007 is available in three beautiful colors- polished chrome, brushed nickel, and polished brass- making it easy to match your bathroom décor. So you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for performance.

One of the standout features of this shower head is its Napa fixed and Napa hand shower heads for a 2 in 1 shower experience, a combination to relish. It lets you choose between a fixed shower head and a handheld one, depending on your preference.

The Anystream 360° technology delivers versatile, blissful streams that give you a spa-like shower experience, while the high pressure ensures a thorough rinse.

Installation is a breeze with this shower head combo, and the corrosion-resistant finishing ensures that it will maintain its beautiful appearance for years. With a 2.5 GPM flow rate, the Speakman VS-232007 is an excellent choice for those who want a luxurious shower experience without compromising water conservation.

Overall, this is the best Speakman shower head in the market and will surely exceed your expectations.

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Type: Both Rain and Handheld Shower

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Spray settings: 1


It gives a choice to choose between three beautiful colors

It lets you choose between a fixed shower head and a hand-held one

The Anystream 360° technology delivers versatile, blissful streams


It has no cons.

Best Performance: Speakman S-3010 Neo

Best Performance Speakman S 3010 Neo

S-3010 Neo has collected the best Speakman shower head reviews because of its classic design and refreshing performance.

This shower head has everything you want in a shower: a beautiful, timeless design that looks great anywhere, easy maintenance with self-cleaning plungers and a lifetime warranty, and even an option for high pressure so you can get all the water you need without any hard water buildup.

The main reason we adore this shower head is that it comes in three exquisite colours, making it ideal for anyone looking to elevate their showering experience while preserving the elegant appearance of the bathroom.

It uses Anystream technology, which allows it to transition between three settings—Intense, Rain, and Flood—and evenly distributes water for a luxurious experience. 

Additionally, the shower head controls the water with patented plungers as it leaves the nozzles and distributes it evenly, making it an ideal low-water pressure shower head.

And finally, because of its easy maintenance features like self-cleaning plungers and a lifetime limited warranty, you won’t have to worry about replacing this fixture after just one year.

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Type: Rain Shower

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Spray settings: 3


Anystream technology allows it to transition between three spray settings

S-3010 Neo has self-cleaning plungers for easy maintenance

High-quality performance


S-3010 Neo has no cons.

Best Handheld Shower: Speakman VS-3011

Best Handheld Shower Speakman VS 3011

The Speakman VS-3011 is an exceptional handheld shower head that is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a spa-like shower experience right in the comfort of their home with traditional style. 

This shower head has 5 adjustable jets that allow you to customize the water flow to your liking. Additionally, the 2.5 GPM flow control ensures that you will conserve water while enjoying a powerful shower.

One of the best things about the Speakman VS-3011 is that it fits standard U.S. plumbing connections, making it easy to install in your existing shower. The self-cleaning nozzles make it easy to maintain and keep clean, while the Anystream 360o system ensures that you will have a consistent and powerful stream of water every time you turn on the shower.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Speakman VS-3011 is its high-pressure capabilities. This shower head is engineered to deliver a powerful stream of water that refreshes you after every shower. 

Overall, the Speakman VS-3011 is the perfect shower head for anyone who wants to upgrade their daily shower routine.

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Type: Handheld Shower 

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Spray settings: 1


Optimal performance that gives a spa-like experience

It is equipped with five adjustable jets

It comes in two different colors


Speakman VS-3011 has no cons.

Buying Guide for Best Speakman Shower Heads 

Looking for the best Speakman shower? But there are so many options available, it can be a real challenge to pick one from the hundreds of shower heads available. To make it less challenging and less time-consuming we have made a guide that will help you look for exactly what you need in your bathroom.

Following are the factors that should be in your consideration when you buy a Speakman shower head.


The material of a shower head is important because it determines its lifespan and durability. Mostly, the materials used in shower heads are plastic and metal, but other materials, such as ceramic or glass, are also available. Plastic has a longer life span than metal, but it is more prone to corrosion damage. Metal shower heads are better for hard water areas because they don’t rust as easily. All-metal models are more resistant to pressure changes and temperature fluctuations than plastic or rubber ones.


Durability is another factor you should consider when purchasing a new shower head for your bathroom. The durability of a shower head depends on its material, finish type, and the way it was manufactured; therefore, you should consider these factors when looking for a new shower head. Because having to make changes in your bathroom is not a very ideal approach.

Spray Options 

When purchasing a shower head, spray options are often a top consideration. Speakman offers different types of spray options such as:

● Gentle streams or powerful sprays from your shower head.

● Multiple streams or just one large stream.

● A hand-held wand or one that attaches directly to the pipe above your shower.

Speakman makes all these options available for you in determining which type of spray option perfectly suits your bathroom.

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Installation of speakman shower head

Finally, make sure that whatever type of shower head you choose has an easy installation process so that it can be installed quickly and easily with little hassle.

In addition, consider how the shower head will be installed in your home. If you’re looking for a new shower head that can be installed on any shower arm, find one with an adjustable mounting bracket or one with its own mounting hardware. The last thing you want is to replace your shower arm because it doesn’t fit with your new shower head.

Bottom Line – Should You Buy Speakman Shower Head?

If you’re looking for the best shower heads on the market, it’s worth considering Speakman. Known for their exceptional quality and performance, Speakman shower heads offer a showering experience that’s truly worth it.

Speakman shower heads are crafted with precision and designed to provide a luxurious and invigorating shower. With their innovative features and advanced technologies, these shower heads deliver a revitalizing spray that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whether you prefer a powerful, high-pressure shower or a gentle rain-like cascade, Speakman has a range of options to suit your preferences. From the classic Icon Anystream Speakman S-2251 to the modern Speakman VS-3011 Anystream, each shower head offers unique spray patterns and customizable settings.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your showering experience and indulge in the ultimate relaxation, investing in a Speakman shower head is definitely worth it.

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