American Standard Champion 4 Reviews – Is it the Best American Toilet?

American Standard Champion 4 Reviews

American Standard Champion 4 has risen in high demand because of its highly efficient flush performance and elegance. But is it the best right height one piece toilet for you?

We’ve researched this model extensively and are ready to share our findings with you, we’ll talk about its features, performance, and durability—as well as compare it to other products on the market.

Through our in-depth American Standard Champion 4 reviews, we hope to help you decide if this one-piece toilet is right for your bathroom.

American Standard Champion 4 Reviews

American Standard Champion 4 one piece toilet

The feature that sets this toilet apart is its strong flush system. In our detailed American Standard Champion review, we will explore all of its features along with its flush system.

One-Piece Design

The Champion 4 boasts a sleek and functional one-piece design. This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also offers practical advantages. With no crevices or seams for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, cleaning becomes a breeze.

The Champion 4 is available in three elegant colors – Bone, Linen, and White, allowing you to choose the ideal match for your bathroom décor. It also offers a soft-closing seat to avoid the annoyance of noise and damage by slamming the lid. So, whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, the one-piece design of this toilet ensures a seamless and stylish addition to your bathroom.

Right Height

American Standard 2034314.021 Champion 4 Right Height

This toilet offers the convenience of the right height or comfortable seat height. It is ADA-Compliant, meaning it meets the height requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The height of Champion 4 from the floor to the rim is 16 1/2 inches. So, this toilet provides a comfortable seating position for individuals of varying abilities and heights. 

Whether you have mobility limitations or prefer a toilet that is easier to use, the right height feature of this model ensures a more accessible and user-friendly experience for everyone in your household.

Elongated Bowl Shape

American Standard 2034314.021 Champion Elongate

The elongated bowl shape is a popular choice in toilets, and Champion 4 offers this feature for added convenience. The elongated bowl design provides a more spacious and ergonomic seating experience. With its extended length of 2 inches longer than a standard round bowl, it offers additional legroom for extra comfort.

This is especially beneficial for taller individuals or those with mobility issues. The elongated bowl shape also provides a larger surface area, making it easier to sit.

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Flush System

It’s the strong flush system of the American Standard Champion 4 toilet that encouraged us to give a thorough and detailed review of this toilet. The factors that make this feature exceptional are discussed below.


The trapway is an integral part of a toilet’s plumbing system because it plays a crucial role in flushing. The toilets with larger diameters are recommended because they prevent clogs or blockage and provide sufficient space to force the waste into the drainpipe.

The trapway of American Standard Champion 4 is fully glazed and has a 2-3/8 inches diameter which is wider than the standard trapway of 2 inches. You can see the difference for yourself and know we were not exaggerating when we said it has the best flushing mechanism.

Gallons Per Flush

American Standard Champion 4 has 1.6 GPF, which means that it provides sufficient water to flush the waste. The toilets with 1.6 GPF are water-conserving but don’t have WaterSense certification. This certification is only for the models with 1.28 GPF or less.

This particular feature might be a downside of this toilet if your state allows only toilets with WaterSense certification.

Flush Valve

A flush valve controls the release of water from the tank to the bowl. A good flush valve has a dimension of 3 inches, and a standard one is 2 inches wide. Our Champion 4 has a Piston Action Accelerator flush valve that surpasses both and is 4 inches wide, which can move 70% larger mass than a standard toilet.

Thus, it provides more than enough space for water flow and ensures the job is done efficiently in a single flush.


The fantastic fully glazed trapway, the 1.6 gallons per flush, and the amazingly effective flush valve helped this toilet to get a 1000 MaP (Maximum Performance) score.

There is another feature that enhances its performance – The EverClean surface – which has an antimicrobial finish that does not allow any stains or germs to reside to give a hygienic environment. It also means easy maintenance and a squeaky-clean look without using any harsh chemicals.

Specifications Table

AttributesChampion 4
ColorWhite, Linen, Bone
MaterialVitreous China
Dimensions29.75″D x 17.75″W x 29.5″H
Item Weight118 Pounds
Installation TypeOne-Piece Toilet
Flush SystemGravity Flush
ManufacturerAmerican Standard
Water Consumption1.6 gallons per flush
Rough-In12 Inches
SizeRight Height
CertificationCertified Frustration-Free
Warrant DescriptionLimited 10-Year Warranty

 Pros and Cons

In our American Standard Champion 4 review, we want to give you a complete picture of this toilet, meaning its advantages along with its drawbacks. So, when you buy it, you know exactly what you are taking into your bathroom.


It has a one-piece design that gives aesthetic appeal and also the practical advantage of simple maintenance.

Available in three elegant colors, it allows you to match your bathroom décor.

It has a soft-closing seat that prevents noise and damage.

The elongated bowl design provides a more spacious and ergonomic seating experience.

The fully glazed trapway is 2-3/8 inches in diameter which are wider than the standard trapway of 2 inches.

4 inches wide flush valve can move 70% larger mass than a standard toilet.

The EverClean surface has an antimicrobial finish that does not allow stains or germs to reside.


Champion 4 does not have WaterSense certification.

The flush valve is non-adjustable, meaning it will release the same amount of water with each flush.


As you know, the American Standard Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet. So, installing this toilet is a straightforward task you can do yourself without the assistance of a plumber.

We have attached the link to a video to give a visual representation of how to install this toilet. The video also shows how to install a tank, but you don’t have to worry about that as the tank of Champion 4 is already attached, i.e. it’s a one-piece model.

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Is This Toilet better than the American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Model?

American Standard Cadet 3 is a leading toilet with exceptional features. Here we will quickly compare these two masterpieces to help you better understand whether the Champion 4 is the best right-height one-piece toilet.


Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet, and on the other hand, the Cadet 3 is a two-piece model. Both toilets are made of Vitreous China material promising durability.

The Cadet 3 is available in one color – White, while the Champion 4 is available in 3 colors – Bone, White, and Linen, giving you the option of customization.

Both toilets have right-height/comfort seat height, compatible with people of varying heights and ages. For added convenience, they both offer elongated bowl shapes (Cadet 3 is also available in round shape).

There is another similarity between these models – a soft closing seat that eliminates sudden slamming.


Though Cadet 3 is more water conserving with 1.28 GPF than Champion 4 with 1.6 GPF, they both have a maximum performing score of 1000 grams. Cadet 3 has WaterSense certification, while Champion 4 lacks it.

The flushing mechanism of Champion 4 is stronger than Cadet 3 because of the wider flush valve of 4 inches and fully glazed trapway of 2-3/8 inches in diameter.

Both toilets have EverClean bowl surfaces that boast antimicrobial, stainless, and hygienic environments.


It is a known fact that two-piece toilets are generally more affordable compared to one-piece toilets. Therefore, when comparing the Champion 4 and Cadet 3, it is important to note that the Champion 4 is slightly more expensive due to its one-piece design. However, it is also easy to maintain.


The installation also comes down to whether the model is one-piece or two-piece. Since Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet, it is easier to install than Cadet 3, which is a two-piece model and requires extra effort to attach the tank to the bowl.

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It’s hard to decide because they both are exceptional toilets. Champion 4 is an ADA-Compliant one-piece toilet that offers a powerful flushing mechanism with a maximum performance score but lacks a WaterSense certification. Additionally, it gives the option of customization with three exquisite colors.

On the other hand, Cadet 3 is a water-conserving toilet with WaterSense certification and is not very expensive. It is also, ADA compliant toilet. Compared to Champion 4, its drawback is that it’s a two-piece model with only one color.

Considering all these facts, we have concluded that it’s a tie and both toilets are amazing in their own way. The reasons we have for this conclusion are:

1.) WaterSense certification is necessary for toilets in many states, but not all, and Champion 4 is also a water-conserving toilet but does not meet the requirement for this particular certification.

2.) Both toilets have a MaP score of 1000 grams, but Champion 4 offers a stronger flush system, while Cadet 3 is comparatively more eco-friendly.

3.) Champion 4 gives the option of customization with its three beautiful colors, while the white color of Cadet 3 is what many people choose.

4.) And lastly, the price. Though Champion 4 is a bit expensive, it also promises easy installation and maintenance. On the other hand, Cadet 3 is not expensive, but it requires rigorous cleaning.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which toilet will better suit your needs and bathroom requirements. Champion 4 may be a bit expensive but it is worth every penny mostly because of its beast-strong flushing mechanism.

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