5 Best Toilet for Seniors – Tall Toilets For Elderly

Best Toilet for Seniors

As we age, we face some challenges in our daily life. One of the frequent challenges that an older person faces every day is using the bathroom. Having a toilet that suits their needs can make a huge difference in their lives. And the Best Toilet for Seniors provide comfort, safety, and cleanliness.

In this guide, we have shared what to look for in a toilet for senior person and a list of our top picks with the reviews—making it easy for you to finalize a well-informed decision on the product before buying.

5 Best Toilet for Seniors – Tall Toilets for Elderly

We have picked for you toilets with features such as higher seat height, sturdy handrails, a robust flush system, and other tailored elements specifically designed to enhance the bathroom experience for older persons.

Join us as we delve into the top options for comfortable and best toilets for elderly.

Kohler Highline

Kohler Highline Arc Toilet

If you’re looking for a toilet that is both comfortable and safe for elderly individuals, look no further, as this toilet meets your requirements with its classy and proper functioning features.

This toilet has a seat positioned higher than a standard toilet, making it easier for seniors to sit down and stand up. It is also sturdy and attractive with its elongated shape and Vitreous China material that is easy to clean, durable, and shiny.

Kohler Highline features a gravity flush technique, with its canister flush valve packing a powerful punch and eliminating the clog with efficiency. Also, it has a water-saving capacity of 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) and reserves 20% of water consumption.

This toilet is WaterSense certified, meaning it meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for water efficiency. Installing this toilet is a breeze, making it an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free upgrade to their bathroom.

Overall, this made in the USA toilet is an excellent option for seniors who want a comfortable, safe, and stylish bathroom experience.

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Height: 18 inches

GPF: 1.28

Design: Two-Piece


Comfort Seat Height

WaterSense Certified

Easy to Install for your convenience

Sturdy and Attractive


Seat comes separately

TOTO Drake

Best Toto Toilet Drake

Toto Drake is a complete state-of-the-art toilet loaded with features that provide comfort and safety and add style to your bathroom. It has G-Max flushing technology that guarantees a powerful flush making your bathroom experience mess-free.

With ADA compliance, this toilet is best for older people and usable for persons of every age. Strictly following the EPA policy, it saves water with its 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) capacity. The efficient flushing is enhanced even more by the 8-psi pressure feature preventing clogs and saving time for cleanliness.

It also provides options for different colors to customize your bathroom according to your taste. Its chrome trip lever is a cherry-on-top to give an elegant look to your bathroom décor.

This toilet is designed to conceal the bolts and give a smooth and sleek look. Vitreous China material is used in making this toilet to keep cleanliness easy for you, making the toilet durable, tougher, and shinier.

With these power pact features, it is easy to say that this toilet is one of the best toilets for seniors as it meets the American standards and will upgrade your bathroom experience with its perfect blend of style, comfort, and innovation in your everyday routine.

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Height: 30.75 inches, and from floor to seat 16.5 inches

Design: two-piece

GPF: 1.6


Assorted Color Variations

ADA Compliance

It has a G-Max Flushing Technology

Concealed Design


TOTO Drake has no cons

Convenient Height

Convenient Toilet for seniors

If you have mobility issues, such as limitations with your legs, then this toilet will be a luxury. With its 20 inches high seat, it is easy to sit down and stand up without putting in extra energy.

With a 20” high seat, Convenient uses its height for a powerful gravity-based flush. And to simplify things, it comes with a Dual Flush feature, with a 1.28 GPF capacity for solid waste and 0.8 GPF for liquid waste. This eco-friendly feature makes you a responsible user and helps you save on your water bills.

The handle of this toilet is easy to access, positioned just near the seat, and engineered in a way that it is unobstructed by the toilet seat. Also, the slow-closing seat feature increases comfort and ease of use.

The high-quality non-porous ceramic material used for this beauty makes it stay unspoiled and sanitary, making the cleaning process much easier. This toilet is designed in such a way that it can fit into a small space with grace and elegance.

The Convenient toilet is ADA-compliant and approved by the Board of Registration of Plumbers.

This beautiful piece of art combines performance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in one sleek package.


Height: 20 inches

GPF: 1.28 Full flush, 0.8 Economy flush

Design: Two-Piece


It has a Dual Flush System for saving water

Convenient Height for all users

Easy to access handle

Best for seniors with mobility issues


This product has no cons.

Oasis Space

Oasis Space toilet seat for seniors

Oasis Space is a stand-alone toilet seat specifically engineered for elderly persons or people with mobility issues. The height of this seat is 20 inches which is an excellent luxury if it’s hard for you to stand up from your sitting position. Also, the seat height is adjustable if you prefer a bit lower seating.

It has a bottomless splash guard, allowing waste to go directly into the bowl without any splashes. This feature enables easy cleaning, giving relief to your caretaker.

It is a molded plastic seat with an aluminum frame that resists corrosion, thus prolonging its age in use. The frame features padded grip rails and legs with suction cups, making your bathroom use independent, sturdy, and safe.

Oasis Space is designed keeping simplicity in mind. It is easy to assemble without assistance and requires almost 10 minutes of assembly time. This commode seat supports heavy weights up to 300 lbs.


Height: 20 inches

Seat: Oval shaped

Frame: High-quality Aluminum


Its bottomless splash guard makes way for waste directly into the bowl.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame

Padded grip rails and legs with suction cups

Adjustable seat height.


Oasis Space is a stand-alone commode seat.


Vovo stylement toilet for elders

VOVO combines smart technology and eco-friendly design packed with numerous user-friendly features that ensure hygienic conditions, comfort, safety, water conservation, a hands-free experience, and much more.

From floor to seat, it has a height of 17.5 inches, a comfortable height for an older person to avoid strain on joints and muscles. With a motion sensor installed in this toilet, the lid opens and closes automatically, giving a hands-free experience for the convenience of those who have mobility limitations.

It also has an eco-friendly smart seat sensor and flushes automatically with its Dual-Flush mechanism. With 1.12 GPF, it promotes water conservation and sustainability.

VOVO has self-cleaning technology utilizing LED and UV radiation, which provides a germ-free environment. This smart and subtle feature also saves time and effort in maintaining and cleaning the one piece toilet.

Another luxurious feature of this toilet is warm water for gentle cleansing and a warm air dryer for efficient drying, eliminating the use of toilet paper. It also has auto deodorization to kill unpleasant odors.

VOVO is one of the best tall toilets for seniors, which provides every luxury an older person needs in his old age to make daily life easier. It includes everything and more that is required with its eco-friendly and user-friendly subtle design controlled through a wireless remote control.


Height: 17.5

Design: One-Piece

GPF: 1.12


Comfort Seat Height

Wireless Remote Control

Self-Cleaning technology

Warm Water / Air Dryer, Auto Deodorization

Best for seniors that struggle with cleaning private areas


VOVO has no cons.

What to Consider Before Buying a Toilet for Elderly

When considering buying a toilet for elderly individuals, several factors should be considered for their safety and comfort. A suitable toilet can make a significant difference in their challenging life.

Let’s look at the features you should consider carefully while buying a toilet for the elderly.

Comfort Height for the Elderly

It is well-known that when we age, it becomes difficult to move around with sore joints and muscles. Sitting down and standing up becomes an issue in old age. So having a toilet with comfort height seat is essential.

An ADA-compliant toilet seat height ranges from 17 inches to 19 inches. This range matches the seat height of a wheelchair. And if you use a wheelchair, the shift to the toilet with a seat height of 17-19 inches from the wheelchair becomes easy.

Bowl Shape

Bowl shape should be on your consideration factors list for a toilet. Toilet bowls come in two shapes; round and elongated. The elongated bowls have a couple of extra inches, giving more space for seating and thighs to rest. They also take up more space in comparison with round-shaped bowls.

The round bowls are circular and old in fashion. But they are useful in case your bathroom is not very spacious and for children’s use.

So, consider the comfort preferences of the aged person and the space availability of your bathroom when choosing between round and elongated bowl shapes.

Flushing System

For an elderly person, you must look for a toilet that does its flushing job properly and efficiently. In the market, gravity-flush, pressure-assisted flush, and dual-flush toilets are available.

While choosing between toilets with different flushing systems, check their GPF capacity. The maximum limit is 1.6 gallons per flush, which is enough for both solid and liquid waste. Dual-flush systems help conserve water by letting you use the needed water.

One-Piece Design or Two-Piece Design

Toilets usually are available in two styles or designs; One piece and two-piece. The tank and bowl are one component in a one-piece design. The toilets with this style are simple to install and easy to clean. However, these toilets are a bit costly.

In a two-piece design, the bowl and tank are separate units. This style of toilet is more common than a one-piece design. These toilets are budget friendly. In the case of cleaning, they take some time because of some extra crevices than one-piece design.

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Easy Installation

For an older person, installation can be a big task. Look for a toilet that comes with straightforward installation instructions, tools, and hardware needed for it. Also, see what kind of plumbing the toilet needs. Your preferred toilet should not require many modifications in the bathroom.

How We Selected Tall Toilets for Elderly

When selecting the best toilet for seniors, we had a clear focus on the most important factors that would ensure the highest level of comfort, sturdiness, safety, independence, and elegance for this demographic. We understood that seniors require a toilet that is easy to use and comfortable, with a seat that is at the right height and with the right shape to support their posture.

In our thorough research for the best toilets for the elderly, Kohler Highline, TOTO Drake, Convenient, Oasis Space, and VOVO stood out tall and made it to the list of our top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we have put together frequently asked questions about the best toilets for seniors. We’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the right toilet for your needs.

So, let’s dive in and explore the most common questions about toilets for seniors.

How high should a toilet seat be for seniors?

A toilet seat height of around 17-19 inches is ideal for seniors, as it allows them to sit and stand up comfortably without putting too much strain on their joints and muscles.

Should I opt for a raised toilet seat or a standard one for seniors?

A raised toilet seat can be a good option for seniors with mobility issues or disabilities, as it increases the height of the seat and reduces the distance between the seat and standing position. However, it’s important to ensure that the seat is stable and secure.

Should I consider a smart toilet for seniors?

A smart toilet such as VOVO can be a good option for seniors who need more assistance and convenience in the bathroom, as it can include features like automatic flushing, seat warming, and remote controls.

Are there any toilet safety accessories that can be helpful for seniors?

Yes, toilet safety accessories like grab bars, elevated toilet seats, and non-slip mats can provide additional support and stability for seniors while using the toilet. It’s important to ensure that these accessories are installed securely and are appropriate for the user’s needs.

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