5 Best Low Flow Toilets for Water Saving Bathroom Upgrades

Best Low Flow Toilets

With every flush, you end up flushing loads of water, that total up to hundreds of dollars per year. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, you can still have a squeaky clean toilet without having to waste such amounts of water. In this case, the best low flow toilets can help you significantly cut down your water bill along with conserving huge quantities of water.

With these 5 Best Low Flow Toilets discussed below, you can have a luxurious experience ensuring maximum comfort. Navigate through the respective features of each low flow toilet in order to pick out the best fit for yourself

Best Low Flow Toilets

Owing to the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly products that contribute positively to the environment, there are several low flow toilets available in the market. However, choosing the best low flow toilet for personal use is something where you might find yourself stuck. This is exactly why we have done all the hard work for you.

Let’s take a look at the Best Low Flow Toilets starting with Toto Entrada

TOTO Entrada

Toto Entrada Low Flow Toilet

The feature that enables TOTO Entrada to make it to this list of 5 best low flow toilets is for sure the inclusion of an E-max flushing system, which effectively cleans your toilet while conserving water. E-max flush doesn’t only make the toilet flush-efficient, it also makes the toilet water-efficient by ten folds. Moreover, the presence of a 3-inch flush valve makes the flushing system of this toilet consistent and quick. This variant of flush helps you conserve water by 20% as compared to regular toilets.

Standard toilets generally use two and a half to seven gallons of water with every flush, resulting in increased chances of clogging. However, Toto Entrada uses only 1.28 gallons of water in a single flush along with efficiently removing all waste. As mentioned before, this toilet gives you far better results than a regular toilet in terms of flushing that too with conserving a considerable amount of water.

Aside from insane water-conserving features, with TOTO Entrada you can enjoy the sleek and modern design that will ensure utmost comfort along with elevating the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

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Type: Two-piece toilet

GPF: 1.28

Flush system: E-max flushing system


Modern and sleek design

The standard height for comfort among a wide range of age groups

The inclusion of an E-max flushing system creates a powerful flush force while conserving water

Super easy installation


Doesn’t ship with a seat

Kohler Wellworth

KOHLER K 3987 0 Wellworth Low Flow Toilet

The Wellworth from Kohler features a Class five flushing technology which makes use of high-speed water flow in order to eradicate loads of waste in just a single flush along with using less water. This technology, along with the toilet’s canister valve, sufficiently eliminates heaps of waste, resulting in a clean toilet that gives a luxurious feel to the user along with decreasing the chances of clogging.

Wellworth’s ingenious construction design enables it to use the power of gravity coupled with its specially engineered bowl, tank, and trap way in order to increase the suction strength significantly without having to waste great quantities of water. That is to say, with Wellworth you can enjoy easy and quick waste eradication along with saving bucks on your water bill. Furthermore, the Wellworth toilet is available in a wide range of colors, which gives you a chance to choose a color that best matches your washroom’s overall theme.

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Type: Two-piece toilet

GPF: 1.1/1.6

Flush system: Class Five Flush


Class five flushing system provides reliable and efficient flushing

Priced reasonably

Standard toilet height

Inclusion of canister flush valve


Seat not included


Homray Low Flow Toilet

Homray’s smart toilet is an intelligent, modern-looking, highly water-efficient, and space-saving toilet that can easily elevate the overall look of any washroom. Since it features a wall-mounted design, Homray makes an ideal choice for a washroom where space is limited. Like many other smart toilets, Homray offers an easy-to-clean single-piece design for ease of use.

As far as smart features are concerned, Homary offers touchless opening, closing, flushing, and LED nightlight, along with temperature adjustments to provide the user with a truly personalized experience. Regardless of all these features, the most attractive feature of Homary is its effective yet water-efficient Siphon jet flushing mechanism that enables users to save tons of water without having to compromise on the cleanliness level of their toilets.

Lastly, the tankless smart Homray toilet eliminates the need for any kind of toilet paper due to its ingenious wind drying feature. That is to say, with Homray you aren’t only conserving water but minimizing toilet paper waste.

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Type: One piece

GPF: 1.27

Flush system: Siphon Jet


The warm wind-drying feature minimizes toilet paper usage

Touchless flushing increases sanitation and safety

Adjustable water temperature and jet intensity

Ultra-modern and clean design

Reliable deodorizing feature


Complicated installation


WOODBRIDGE One Piece Low Flow Toilet

The Woodbridge toilet comes with a long list of attractive features that made it qualify for this list of the 5 best low-flow toilets. The dual-flush siphon action flushing system included in Woodbridge is the main attraction of this toilet. The inclusion of such a flushing system makes Woodbridge one of the most user-friendly and water-efficient toilets owing to its 1.28 gallons per flush rate. Along with the siphon action flush, this toilet features a trap-way design that further increases the overall suction strength along with reducing the risk of leakage and clogging.

The flushing mechanism included in Woodbridge is not only powerful and reliable, but it is also equally silent, ensuring an unmatched level of comfort. In addition to the irresistible flushing features, the Woodbridge toilet comes with a glossy and appealing exterior which can sufficiently elevate the look of any washroom space.

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Type: One piece

GPF: 1.28

Flush system: Siphonic action


Dual-flush mechanism with siphon action for quick and reliable flushing

Sleek and modern design perfect for washroom upgrade

Consumes 1.28 GPF

Premium quality soft closing seat

A silent yet powerful flush provides a luxurious feel


Comfort height might not be suitable for children

Horow Smart Toilet

Horow Luxury Low Flow Small Toilet

The Horow luxury smart toilet combines all the features of high-end luxury toilets but delivers them in one product that is priced at an exceptionally low price point. The unbelievable price tag along with insane water conservation features is what makes Horow take up a spot in this list of 5 best low flow toilets. In addition to this, the inclusion of innovative characteristics such as a convenient nightlight, automatic seat opening and closing, and touchless flushing system makes Horow smart toilet stand out among regular toilets.

A heated seat, warm dryer option, and built-in air purification system that helps cut down stinky smell are more features that make Horow smart toilet an all-rounder.  

Lastly, the Horow smart toilet is equipped with a highly-reliable and water-efficient flushing mechanism that makes use of 1.1/1.27 gallons per flush to quickly clean your toilet without any hassle along with saving tons of water.


Type: One piece

GPF: 1.1/1.27

Flush system: Dual automatic flushing system


Touchless automatic flushing ensures the highest level of sanitization

A reliable air purification system helps reduce smell

Best value for money

Water along with UV rays keeps the spray nozzle clean always


Requires greater water pressure

Buying Guide for Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets are surely the most eco-friendly and modern toilets currently available on the market. However, with loads of options available on the market, you might find it pretty challenging to pick out the best low flow toilet according to your needs and budget.

Below we have discussed the key factors you should consider before buying a low flow toilet.

GPF (Low Flow)

When it comes to low flow toilets you need to understand the term GPF which is a super important term. The GPF stands for gallons per flush which means the amount of GPF equals the number of gallons your toilet will consume with each flush.

That is to say, when looking forward to buying the best low flow toilet make sure to opt for the toilet with the least GPF yet the most effective flushing system.

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Toilet Type

There are 2 categories of toilets known as one-piece and two-piece toilets. As the name suggests, in one-piece toilets the tank and toilet base come as one unit giving out a sleek and modern design. On the other hand, in two-piece toilets, the tank and toilet base come as two different units that need to be installed independently.

One piece toilets are easier to clean however they come with a higher price tag, while the cleaning of two piece toilets is pretty complicated but the price is relatively lower. Hence, while buying a toilet select the toilet type according to your budget.

Flushing System

You might have never given a thought to flushing systems until you decided to buy a low flow toilet that will positively contribute to the environment by water conservation. There are mainly 3 types of flushing systems that you need to look into before buying a low flow toilet for yourself.

Dual Flushing System

First is the dual flushing system, which means you will be provided with two distinct flushing options. One option can be used for lower pressure while the other option can be used for higher pressure. This system is also popular for quietest flushing.

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Gravity Assisted

Another flushing system available in toilets is gravity-assisted, which means you flush the toilet a flap will open that will induce the effect of gravity in order to eliminate the waste.

Pressure Assisted

The Third flushing system is known as, the pressure-assisted flushing system, which works by creating pressure between the air-filled space inside the tank and outside the tank. Hence, make sure to analyze all the flushing systems and then pick out the best low flow toilet that best matches your requirements.


Installation is by far the most important factor that you need to consider while buying a low flow toilet for yourself. There are mainly 2 types of installation that you can choose from.

1 – Floor Mounted Installation

Floor-mounted installation is the most common type of toilet installation. In floor mounted installation, all you have to do is screw the toilet base to the ground, which makes floor mounted toilet super easy to install.

2 – Wall Mounted Installation

The second is wall-mounted installation. This type of installation gives out a more modern and sleek look however, it is pretty complicated and you might need professional assistance for the installation of a wall-mounted toilet.

How We Selected

Best Low Flow Toilets for testing by The Home Guidance Team

As a team, we were really passionate about finding toilets that not only conserve water but also maintain quality and convenience for users. We took a lot of factors into account for selecting best low flow toilets.

One of the most important considerations for us was water conservation. We looked at different models that met the EPA WaterSense standards and were rated highly by users for their flushing power.

GPF was another important thing that we considered. We made sure that the toilets we are recommending used as little water as possible while still being effective. We found that toilets with a flush rate of 1.28 gallons per flush were a great balance of water conservation and performance.

Finally, we considered smart features, such as automatic flushing or built-in bidet functions. While these features were not necessary for a low flow toilet, we wanted to make sure we were recommending products that had everything users might want in a modern bathroom.

We hope that our recommendations help users conserve water without sacrificing quality or convenience in their bathrooms!


If you’re looking to reduce water usage and save money on your water bill, low flow toilets may be a good option for you. In this FAQ section, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about Low flow toilets.

What are the benefits of using a low flow toilet?

The primary benefit of using a low flow toilet is that it helps to conserve water. This can lead to lower water bills and can be better for the environment. Additionally, many low flow toilets have improved flushing power and can be more comfortable to use.

Can low flow toilets handle solid waste as well as traditional toilets?

Yes! Low flow toilets can handle solid waste just as well as traditional toilets. They use a combination of gravity and pressure to move waste through the pipes and into the sewer system, so you don’t have to worry about clogs or backups

Are low flow toilets better for the environment?

Yes, low flow toilets are better for the environment than traditional toilets. By using less water, they help to conserve this precious resource and can reduce the strain on our water systems.

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