7 Tips on How to Keep Your Shower Caddy from Rusting

How to keep your shower caddy from rusting

We all want our shower caddies to last as long as possible, but that becomes difficult when it’s rusted out, doesn’t it? While it’s not necessary to wash your caddy every time you use it, taking care of it and preventing rust buildup will help ensure that your shower caddy serves you well for years to come. Here are seven tips on how to keep your shower caddy from rusting.

How to Keep Your Shower Caddy from Rusting

Keeping your shower caddy from rusting can be tricky, especially if you live in an area with hard water. If you’re not careful, this rust can transfer to the soap, shampoo, and other items on your caddy and make them impossible to use.

Follow these 7 tips on how to keep your shower caddy from rusting in order to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean.

Choose the Right Material

The first step in keeping your shower caddy rust-free is to choose a durable material. Plastic will typically be lighter, but rust easily and discolor over time. Alternatively, metal will be heavier, but you can keep it in good shape if you wipe it dry with a cloth after each use. You can also find stainless steel models that are practically impervious to rust!

Whatever material you pick, make sure it’s well-constructed so there are no gaps or holes for water to get trapped inside. It’s best to hang your shower caddy on a hook rather than affixing it directly onto tile or marble—even though these surfaces may look like they can handle moisture, they tend to develop small cracks as time goes on that can trap water and promote rust.

Clean and Dry your Shower Caddy regularly

Keeping your shower caddy clean and dry goes a long way in keeping it rust-free. Towel off any soap, shampoo, or conditioner residue, and then air-dry before putting it back in place.

If your bathroom is especially humid or you don’t have space to let things air out, an anti-rust coating may be worth considering. It will help keep moisture away from your shower caddy so that water can’t collect on its surface. Most coatings are safe for use around water (although you should always check with manufacturer recommendations)

Apply a thin layer of Oil

Oil your shower caddy and it will keep it rust-free for a long time. If you plan on storing your shower caddy between uses, apply oil at least once a month. This helps keep water out of crevices and away from any metal surfaces. It also keeps soap scum from building up in hard-to-reach places. It might seem like overkill, but applying an oily film is one of the best ways to keep your shower caddy looking new for as long as possible.

Use Vinegar if you notice some Mildew

Vinegar is a mild antiseptic that can kill bacteria, fungus, and mildew. To keep your shower caddy clean, simply sprinkle some vinegar on it once in a while and rub it with a dry cloth. Be sure to rinse off all of the vinegar when you’re done. Vinegar also works great as an air freshener, so you can use it in other places around your home as well.

Note: Vinegar is a great natural way to clean showers without using harsh chemicals.

Don’t Leave Standing Water in It

Leaving standing water in your shower caddy can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is especially true if you keep your caddy on a tile floor, as tile tends to be wetter than other surfaces. Allowing standing water can also cause rusting. To prevent mold and mildew, dump out any standing water after each use of your shower caddy. If you’re concerned about rusting, make sure to rinse off any soap residue with clean water after each use.

Store in a Safe Place

Proper storage is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to keeping your shower caddy rust-free. Try storing it on a towel or in a cabinet so that it’s not touching any other metal items that might corrode or leave water stains. If possible, store your shower caddy above ground level where air can flow freely around it. This will help keep moisture out of your caddy and keep rust at bay.

Check before Each Use

Check your shower caddy after each use. Water that’s left in the caddy can create rust over time.

If you find rust, wipe it away immediately with a vinegar-soaked towel and then dry it thoroughly with a separate cloth or paper towel. When you’re finished using your caddy, wipe it down with some oil to protect it against rust for a few months.

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