How To Fix Crack In Fiberglass Tub? – Easy Steps For Fixing

How to fix crack in fiberglass tub

How do you fix a crack in your fiberglass bathtub? It’s no fun when you look down and see the crack right across the bottom of your tub, but don’t worry — we’re here to help!

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How to Fix Crack in Fiberglass Tub?
What causes a fiberglass tub to crack?
How to prevent cracks in fiberglass tub?

How to Fix a Crack in a Fiberglass Tub?

You’re relaxing in the tub, and suddenly you hear that dreaded crack sound. You freeze, waiting to see if the tub will fall apart around you, and then realize it can’t be that bad because you are still alive and breathing. But you have an annoying crack in your tub now. What do you do?

It’s an annoying problem to deal with, but you can do it yourself without spending much money.
This article gives 8 easy steps that will help you get rid of the crack in your fiberglass tub or bathtub in no time at all!

1. Clean and dry the crack

The first step is to make sure that you’ve cleaned and dried the area around the crack and all of its edges. If there’s moisture or dirt left in the area, it could prevent your repair from working properly.

2. Sand down the area where you’ll be filling the crack with fiberglass filler

Once you’ve cleaned and dried the area around your crack, you’ll want to sand down the edges of it so that they’re smooth and even with each other (not jagged). This will help ensure that your adhesive sticks well and doesn’t wear away over time.

3. Apply adhesive to both sides of your crack

Next up: applying adhesive on both sides of where you’ll be filling in your crack with fiberglass filler! Make sure that there isn’t any excess glue on either side; if there is, wipe it away with a damp cloth before applying any filler overtop.

4. Fill the crack with Fiberglass filler

Let the adhesive dry completely before applying layers of fiberglass filler until the crack is filled in completely.

Apply fiberglass filler over the crack and sand it until smooth. Apply 2-3 coats of filler, letting each coat dry for few hours before applying the next one. You may need to apply more than 3 coats in some cases.

5. Sand and clean again

Once the crack has been filled with fiberglass filler, sand and clean the area. This will allow the epoxy to bond better with the surface when you apply it.

6. Coat with Epoxy

Coat the crack with epoxy and let it dry completely before proceeding to step 7.

7. Put Cloth over Epoxy

Once your filler has been sanded smooth and you’ve added epoxy over any rough edges, apply clothing over top of everything else so that no air bubbles get trapped under the surface of your tub and cause issues when it comes time for final coatings later on down the line!
Let that coat dry completely before moving on to step 8!

8. Finishing Coat

Apply a sealer or finishing coat of epoxy over both sides of the tub until they are completely covered, making sure not to miss any spots (you probably will have some spots that need more than one coat).

The final result should look like new!

What Causes a Fiberglass Tub to Crack?

Fiberglass tubs are an excellent choice for many people, but they’re not indestructible. There are many causes of fiberglass tub cracking, including:

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Normal Aging:

As a result of normal exposure to sunlight and heat, the outer layer of the product starts to peel off. This is not harmful to your health but it makes the surface of the tub look dull and dirty.

Insufficient Support:

If you don’t have enough support in your tub then water gets trapped underneath it and causes it to crack. You can use Plexiglas or plastic liner which will help you in strengthening the tub’s structure.

If your fiberglass tub is cracked due to an insufficient support system, do not attempt to repair it by yourself unless you are very experienced at working with fiberglass.

Use of Harsh Cleaners:

Avoid using harsh cleaners on your fiberglass tub as they can damage its properties and make it prone to cracking over time. Instead, opt for milder products that won’t damage the material while cleaning it effectively.

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Dropping Heavy Objects: 

You should never drop heavy objects on your fiberglass tub as this can cause it to crack due to the stress put onto its structure by external forces affecting its integrity

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How To Prevent Cracks in Fiberglass Tub?

How To Fix a Crack In Fiberglass Tub

Fiberglass tubs are very strong and can withstand the weight of a person or a child. However, if you drop something heavy on your tub and hit it with enough force to break the fiberglass, there will be cracks in it.

Fiberglass is an extremely durable material but if you are using your bathtub for a long time, these cracks can grow bigger and become bigger problems. The most common reason for cracks in fiberglass tubs is not being able to support it properly when being used by people or children. If you have kids who like to jump on top of the tub or adults who sit on the edge while taking baths then this may cause cracks in your fiberglass bathtub.

Another reason why fiberglass tubs crack is due to improper cleaning methods such as using harsh cleaners or scrubbing hard with a brush instead of soft cloths. This can damage the surface of the fiberglass because it creates scratches which will eventually lead to more visible cracks inside your fiberglass bathtub over time.

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Can Flex Seal fix a Cracked Bathtub?

Flex Seal is an adhesive that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces of your bathtubs and showers. The product has been proven to effectively adhere to most surfaces but it cannot be used to fix a cracked bathtub.

Can Bonded Rubber fix a Cracked Bathtub?

Bonded Rubber works similarly to Flex Seal in that it adheres to most surfaces including smooth and rough surfaces. This product can be used on glass doors and windows during installation procedures, but it cannot fix a cracked bathtub.

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